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You Have to Watch This

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 28, 2009

Fergus sent me an email today with this link – you’ll love it!!!  Worst Slide Story.

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Good News!

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 27, 2009

Today we got a letter from the Australian Medical Council saying that they have reviewed Fergus’ credentials and will be forwarding them to the Australian College of Emergency Medicine for their review – once he sends them a check for their “processing”. I guess they figured out that he can speak English afterall.

The next big step is the college. They decide what kind of ER doctor he can be – consultant, specialist or ????,  needs to take a test, probation, or more  training at a entry level status. This will determine if we go back or stay in the USA.

I am still optimistic and Fergus is pessimistic (what a surprise). Tomorrow the moving company is coming out to give us an estimate on moving all our stuff to Australia. It will be an expensive endeavor – ANYONE INTERESTED IN COMING TO A GARAGE SALE THIS WEEKEND?

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The Tortoise and the Hare

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 26, 2009

I am a believer in “signs”. This morning as I was getting ready for another day of garage sale -ing – I saw outside my bathroon window a rabbit on the back lawn. They usually don’t hang around because Airedales just love small furry animals but since the kids are gone and haven’t been around for a year- the wild animals are abundant.

Well, to get on with my story. I saw the rabbit and went to get my camera but it was gone by the time I got back to the window. I continued getting ready for the garage sale. It was early and the driveway was still shadowed by the trees in the morning light. I could see a dark spot on the driveway that didn’t look quite right – then it moved. I ran back into the house and got my camera.

Here is who I met by the side of the road-

"Slow and steady wins the race."

"Slow and steady wins the race."

The stuff in the garage will get sold, the stuff in the house will get moved to the garage, the house will sell and we will get back to Australia. I just have to do a little everyday – Aesop was right.

Happy Memorial Day.

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Latest from Coop & My Reply

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 26, 2009

“Hi Mom and Dad

Wish I was there to organise your garage sale with all those people coming up the driveway.  I think it would be fun to bark at so many people.  I don’t do alot of barking here except when someone is out in MY street and making a noise.  Fergus and I take it in turns so Aunty Jenny thinks that is good, that way the neighbours think there is only one noisy Airedale.

I helped Jenny in the yard today when she was pulling some weeds out around the little fish pond.  I also, gave her support as she mowed the front lawns, as I could see her from the bedroom window.
Bark Bark Bark  yes that how to do mow the lawns Aunty Jenny.  Gosh I am a good boy!!

I am pooped now so I will have a sleep in a moment to recover.  Daisy come home on Friday night when Aunty Jenny went down to Fosternan’s house in Frankston to collect her.  She was soooooo
happy to be home and I put on my bestest smile and tail wag for her to make her feel welcome.

 Aunty Jenny has had Daisy on a diet for a long time and when she came back from Fosternan’s place she has put all that weight back on in 2 weeks.  Fosternan overfeeds furkids Jenny said. Jenny wasn’t too pleased.   6 months dieting gone in 2 weeks.

Us furkids sort of hang out together sleeping in the same rooms during the day which Aunty Jenny thinks is nice.  Usually in the room where Aunty Jenny is working but Fergus and I sleep up in my BIG bedroom alot.

I have also been a busy boy working on another bunker that Aunty Jenny found this morning.  She wasnt too impressed this time and said that we will hide that one from Uncle Gary.  But don’t worry I didnt do any damage. I just dug up heaps of rocks and stuff that will have to be filled in.

Boys have gone to their Dad’s this weekend, they said they don’t like going there as he doesn’t do anything with them so they get bored.  I am missing them cos they give me heaps of cuddles all the time.

Did you make enough money from the garage sale to buy me some new toys???   Huh  Huhh did you???   I hope so.

Aunty Helen sent Aunty Jenny an email about skye but Aunty Jenny wont be able to do it on her laptop but Uncle Gary is installing it on his laptop so we will see how we go with it.

Jenny will ring Helen one day this week to say hello and see how everyone is doing.  I can’t wait to see BS on Sunday.  

Better go now as I am pooped from gardening and landscaping.

love you Mom and Dad
your boy Cooper

My reply:

Dear Coop,
I am getting to know all the neighbors because they see the sign at the mailbox and then come down the driveway to check it out. I made a few dollars. I may need to send it to Aunt Jenny so she can restock the supply of treats for you, Fergus and especially Daisy.
I have found boxes and boxes of stuff we haven’t seen in years. I am packing your favorite bowl and the stand for it, I found Bean Sidhe’s Living room bed – the elegant blue one that she loves so much. I have one big box of all your special toys. On one of the shelves I found an old picture of your big brother, Galen. I had a little cry because I miss him so much (and probably because I’m missing you and Bean Sidhe so much).
The neighbors all ask about you two and are excited to hear about your adventures in Australia. I don’t think the mailman is missing you for some reason.
You should have Bean Sidhe tell Daisy about how hard it is for a girl to maintain her figure. I’m sure they could share tales of their favorite meals – and grandparents who spoil them. I sure Aunt Helen is making sure she doesn’t take Emma or Teddy’s dinners.
I know how much you enjoy working in the garden – you always ran into the house once Dad started the mower – but you are a good supervisor from the window. All these years I have been accusing BS of digging holes in my flower beds – hmmm now I know who really did it – bad boy. I hope you aren’t telling Aunt Jenny that  Fergus or Daisy are doing it.
I’m sure Bansch is as excited as you are to see each other. Now don’t play too rough – remember your leg and her arthritis is bothering her. Emma is probably able to handle your rough-housing.
Have a wonderful week and keep writing – you are such a joy in my life even though you are so far away,
Love, Mom

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A New Page

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 25, 2009

I learned how to add a page to my blog, and I have called it “Tales from the ‘dales”. This will be the blog about the kids, what they are doing, how they are getting along and what they think about being in Australia without us. Check it out when you want to know what is new with the “kids”.

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Profitable Day in the Driveway

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 25, 2009

I didn’t have as heavy of traffic today at the garage sale but it was more profitable: I sold the extra fridge, washer and dryer set and a ton of children’s books I had left over from Pages.

It kind of reminded me of the days at the bookstore. All day long I cleaned, unboxed merchandise (in this case it was boxes from the basement or the storage shed), I arranged and rearranged shelves for the best “look”, I grouped similar items areas, I priced merchandise but mostly I reminisced about where an item from a box or plastic tote came from and decided what to sell and which to box back up to take with us.

I found a box of 45RPM  records that Danny and I had as kids. I remember the last time I saw them was during “Cruise Night” in Emmett and I decorated the store with records hanging in the window. I even found  “Rock n’Roll” Trivia questions for the contest I was sponsoring at the store. Those were great times.

Most of I all I visited with new people I had never met. Some people just wanted to browse and pick up a cheap rake or a candle or two. Others sat down and really visited for “hours” no kidding!! I met Amy from down the road and we had a really long visit. When she left she said, “I can’t believe after all these years of you living here I finally met you and you are going to leave. I’m going make the most of the time we have before you move.”  I was almost in tears when she drove away.

A really nice family came by because they saw the “Yard Sale” signs I posted on the road. They said they also heard about it from some other friends who came by yesterday. They said they had to stop for sure when they saw the sign at our driveway – here it is;

The road to our house.

The road to our house.

They have an Airedale named Chester!  We had lots to talk about. They wanted to hear all about the kids and they told me how they got Chester – not quite a rescue dog but close – a dog in need of a family and a family in need of an Airedale.  Another happy Airedale-ever-after ending!

The best part is that I had THREE people talk to me about buying the house. These people are serious, too. I haven’t even placed a “for sale by owner” ad or post a sign. One man came back and brought his wife  back (you know they are serious when they do that). One lady said that they would be interested in buying some acreage from us if we find someone who only wants the house and some yard. Wow, I can’t believe it.

Fergus worked a 24 hour shift (that’s one reason I want us to go back to OZ – no 24 hour shifts) when he got home in the morning he slept for a few hours and then helped by bringing more boxes up from the basement. He fixed me lunch, went grocery shopping and at “wine o’clock” brought me a glass of wine while my last customer was loading the fridge, washer and dryer into his pick-up truck. What a day. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and the sale continues.

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Letter to the Kids

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 24, 2009

Here is letter I sent to Bean Sidhe and Cooper about what I have been doing.

“Dear Kids,

Today I had a “Garage Sale” which meant I had to take EVERYTHING we had in the garage and pull it out so that people could look at it and ask to have it for almost nothing. It took me all week to get the shelves emptied and cleaned, I had Dad bring up some of the boxes of stuff from the basement and some from the closet. It was hard dirty work (what I did not what Dad did).
Cooper you would have hated it, all day long people where driving up to visit and buy things.  One lady even had  her little black dog with her- nothing special like an Airedale but I got a nice doggie cuddle – my first since leaving you guys. I sold my bike and some garden tools and a patio umbrella. A nice man with two little kids bought some children’s books.They are all excited about us moving to Australia.
Do you two remember the old farmer Butch who lived at the next farm down the road? (Cooper I think you nipped his ankle once.) He stopped by to say hi. He is retired now and he and his wife moved into a house in the city. His son-in-law is working the farm and he has rented the house to…guess who? The nice man with the kids who came by and bought the books!!!
I saw that black cat again today but by the time I found the camera it was gone. I also saw some deer really early this morning. I will carry my camera with me so I can send you some pictures of them.
I’m excited for your visit with each other next week. Please ask Aunt Jenny and Aunt Helen to take lots of pictures so Dad and I can see how you are. You might see if Aunt Helen can send me her Skype address and maybe we can call while you are there. Wouldn’t that be nice!!
(I have no idea how we can organize that but I would love to see you live.)
Well, I’m beat and I have three more days of garage sale-ing – then again next week. Love and kisses, hugs and rubs! Missing you.
Love, Mom

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Cooper’s Pictures

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 22, 2009

I am finally able to add pictures again. Here are the pictures Jenny & Gary sent a few days ago that should have been included in the last blog entry.


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A Word from Cooper

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 21, 2009

We got an email from Cooper the other day but I am having trouble with my wordpress and can’t download pictures. I will quote his email but I’m afraid you won’t be able to see his pictures which are so cute.

I am going to send a request to Word Press again to see what’s wrong with my ability to doenload pics but in the meantime, Here’s COOOOOOOOOOPER!!

“Hi Mom and Dad

I was so excited to hear you are ok and settled back into our home and Dad is working and I just loved the photos. Especially in the garden with the airedale just starting to bloom

We had a quiet weekend with everyone home so lots of pats and cuddles. Slept all Friday night in bed with Jenny and Gary, Gary said he was tired in the morning but I don’t know why, as I slept like a baby. Jenny slept ok as well so maybe Gary’s pillow was lumpy. He did mention something about not much room (I was in the middle)

Gary is trying to brainwash me to be a Liverpool soccer fan and you can see the proof in the photos as I am wearing his Liverpool jersey. Also you can see my bed but the last couple of nights I have slept inside as it has been too cold for me outside. Also I have my toys to show you and Fergus said he wanted to send a photo of himself so you can show all our friends who I spend my days with.

Hope you like the photos but I forgot to smile

I miss you very very much and can’t wait to see you
love sniffs nosepokes airewaves and snuggles
your boy

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The Aussie Medical Council

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 19, 2009

We haven’t hear anything lately from the Australian Medical Council so we are hoping that no news is good news. Meaning that they have all the paperwork they need and have now passed it on to the powers that be who have to approve Fergus’ application for admitance to the College of Emergency Medicine. Once they get the info then they decide what level of entry he can come in and practice in Australia.

Before we left, The Canberra Times wrote an article about Fergus’ dealing with the council on at least one issue – does he speak English. I didn’t post it at the time because of all the packing etc.

I am having some difficulty downloading the article so if you are interested send me an email and I will forward it to you.

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