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Good News!

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 27, 2009

Today we got a letter from the Australian Medical Council saying that they have reviewed Fergus’ credentials and will be forwarding them to the Australian College of Emergency Medicine for their review – once he sends them a check for their “processing”. I guess they figured out that he can speak English afterall.

The next big step is the college. They decide what kind of ER doctor he can be – consultant, specialist or ????,  needs to take a test, probation, or more  training at a entry level status. This will determine if we go back or stay in the USA.

I am still optimistic and Fergus is pessimistic (what a surprise). Tomorrow the moving company is coming out to give us an estimate on moving all our stuff to Australia. It will be an expensive endeavor – ANYONE INTERESTED IN COMING TO A GARAGE SALE THIS WEEKEND?


One Response to “Good News!”

  1. Leslie said

    Let us cross our fingers!
    Here we are busy with our new house…a lot of work! We will move in for the 1st of July.

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