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“Airedales Downunder”

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on August 10, 2010

The project has been officially released. Check it out at –

This is what I have been working on since returning from our October trip to Australia. The story is included on the website so I won’t repeat it all here. Make sure that when you watch the “Airedales Downunder” video link on YouTube that you turn on the sound. Here is the direct link to the video, “Airedales Downunder”.

The quilts will be “awarded” in October in Montgomery, PA and I might try to be there to see who wins – maybe it will be someone out of all my friends and family- so be sure to “donate” for your chance at all the quilts and wall hangings.

If you like this one, Sue, Jenny and I are already thinking about our next project for 2012 – we will need to skip next year since I will be busy packing and moving.

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Happy New Year

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on January 7, 2010

I have been a bit lazy about updating my blog – I know I’ve said this before. But no news is probably good news or at least boring news.

Fergus has sent out inquiries to several hospitals  in Australia (a few at a time  in case he gets a positive response.  Many of them are saying they don’t have openings at this time which seems very strange since there was such a hue and cry for needing ER physicians. We haven’t given up.

This has been a very cold and snowing holiday season. Usually the snow doesn’t stay long on the ground here but this year it is staying an accumulating. The Cooper and Bean Sidhe like playing around in the snow but not for too long since it is very cold too.

Freddie is doing well. I have constructed a warm cubby hole on the shelves in the garage. I try to visit him a couple of times a day and he curls up on my lap. He loves it when I hum songs to him (he doesn’t care much for my singing but the humming soothes him). I hum my repertoire of songs and he sleeps like a baby. When there is fresh snow on the ground I can follow his little paw prints to see where he has explored. It is so funny- out the kitty door, up the front walkway, peek into the front window, run away when Cooper barks, across the lawn and up a tree, down the other side of the tree, across into the field – and then I get too cold and go back into the house. One day I am going to dress for the exploration and follow his path full circle. He always comes back to the warmth of the garage.

I am getting a bit of cabin fever so I think I will take a class at the quilt shop. We also looked into getting a membership at the brand new YMCA. It is very nice and they have all sorts of classes – maybe a dance class would be fun.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. Cross your fingers that we know something soon about Australia soon or else I will have to start unpacking – again!!!

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Quick Note from Downunder

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on October 2, 2009

We arrived safely on Wednesday morning but feeling a bit out of sorts after 26 + hours of traveling. Eric and Helen picked us up at the airport and had us back to their place in no time where the kids were there waiting for us. It was a wonderful reunion – they hadn’t forgotten who we were.

Yesterday we hung around their house, took a walk with the kids, took a drive to one of the wonderful local wineries and just relaxed. We have few plans other than visiting Bill and Sue in Dixon’s Creek, Jenny and Gary towards the end of next week and Fergus’ interview on Tuesday. We want to do a little sightseeing of some places in Victoria that we didn’t get around when we were here before.

We saw an echidna in the wild yesterday when we were driving around. I will post his picture in another entry.

The weather has been good, a bit colder than Kansas and today it is a little misty but we are well and happy to be back. I have limited access to a computer and the internet so I will try to keep you posted if we have any exciting news.

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Flower Beds and Fences

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on September 24, 2009

I continued to work on the flower beds I created from the torn down chicken shed. I fenced it in and planted some spring bulbs and fall pansies. Two of the beds on the right are vacant and I will plant some shade flowers in the spring. The dark spots without mulch still need some tall growing bulbs.

The old chicken shed/new flower bed.

The old chicken shed/new flower bed.

Pansies for fall - bulbs for the spring.

Pansies for fall - bulbs for the spring.

We are going to Australia next week for Fergus’ interview with the Australian College of Emergency Physicians. They told him that it could be as long as three months before they can tell him their decision. We decided to bring the dogs back to Kansas since it might be three months and no telling how long the immigration process may take. It is too much to ask BS and Cooper’s foster families to care for them any longer and we miss them too much to go for possibly another 6 months without them.

So I decided we need to fence the yard. They have lived in a fenced yard for over a year and 1/2. I worry about Cooper chasing cars down the driveway like he use to and getting hurt now that he is older and not as likely to recover from any injuries. I also worry with potential buyers coming to look at the house that he will be too aggressive towards strangers.

We put up a nice decorative fence at the driveway and an almost invisible wire fence around a large area of the back yard. I hope this will stop them from roaming too far from home once they return. No “walkabouts” allowed in Kansas.

Rod Iron fence near the driveway

Rod Iron fence near the driveway

The fence is almost invisible from the house.
The fence is almost invisible from the house.

The wire fence is attached to the five trees in a row in the background. I hope it will keep them safe. Of course they like to dig so we will have to make sure they don’t go under like in The Great Escape.

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Trent -The artist

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on July 3, 2009

Cooper’s foster human brother drew some pictures of Cooper and Bean Sidhe and they are fantastic. I guess you would have to know the kids to really appreciate Trent’s ability but their likeness is amazing. If you send these to anyone please give Trent Patience credit as the artist.

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Fergush’s Birthday Pictures

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 29, 2009

Fergush (our nickname for Cooper’s foster Aire’bro) has a party to celebrate his tenth birthday. Cooper looks like he was having a grand time – “we never celebrate like this at home”, he was thinking. I think he is going to be spoiled when we get back. He will be wanting to visit Aunt Jenny and Uncle Gary ALL THE TIME!! Here are the pictures they sent of the party. Jenny does have a head – see her in the last photo.

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No New News

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 29, 2009

Everything is the same here. I am still doing the garage sale every weekend and have almost all the stuff out the the house, storage shed, and basement that I want to get rid of.

I shipped some things to my friend Kelly in Idaho, mostly decorative fabric for her annual Snow Ball, and some Christmas decorations that I had for sale at Pages, my book store in Emmett. I sent a box of my favorite novels to Sue in Australia adn a few items to Cooper’s foster family. Fergus sent some Sci Fi books to Curtis in California.

If anyone wants something let me know before I pack it all up to ship or for Goodwill. I’m thinking about having an auction and just getting rid of the rest in one full swoop. I will call the auction people this week and see how quickly that can be done.

I have the house listed on a For Sale By Owner site. I’ve had three couples come and look at the house but no offers just yet.

It has been incredibly hot here the last few days so being in the garage has been like baking in an oven at 100 degrees for eleven hours. I am sweating off the pounds – which in itself is not a bad thing. I lost a lot of weight before we went to Australia and while we were there it started to creep back up (especially after we finally got a car and I wasn’t walking everywhere and we were finding all those great places to eat). Since we’ve been back I have been getting back to my pre-trip weight and feel much better.

This afternoon we are going to see “Camelot” at Music Theatre of Wichita. We have had season tickets since we first moved here. We have Sunday matinee seats and then we go out to dinner – our only real date night. I’ll let you know how it was. I’ve seen Camelot on stage three times before once with Richard Harris as Arthur and once with Robert Goulet as Arthur. There won’t be any “famous” stars in this one but MTW puts on really good Broadway quality shows. Friends of mine work on the shows as costumers, set builders and occasionally performers so it is always a treat to see their names in the playbill. You can check out their website here MTW.

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Pics of the Pups

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 9, 2009


Helen and Eric sent us some more pictures from the Sunday BBQ. The kids look great and seem to be getting along just fine. We on the other hand are missing them like crazy. Check out “Tales from the ‘Dales” for their latest letters.

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Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 3, 2009

Cooper and his foster family, Jenny, Gary and Lorna went to visit Bean Sidhe and her family, Helen, Eric, Emma and Teddy last Sunday. It sounds like they had a great time. We were able to see them when Jenny and Helen Skyped us. It was about noon their time and 9 pm our time. We were having a storm – what a surprise – wind and rain so the connection was choppy and it was hard to hear what Jenny was saying but we enjoyed it anyway.

Here are some pictures that Gary took of the reunion. They looked great. Cooper was decked out in his favorite blue collar and BS had a pretty red bandana. Teddy had a new haircut because he was the “host” of course. And Emma was just as pretty as can be with her blue scarf. It sounds like Cooper was overwhelmed with all the Airedales and humans around him and that he didn’t really spend any quality time with his baby sister. She of course was much more interested in what was happening at the BBQ. She knows what a great cook Uncle Eric is so she didn’t want to miss a thing.

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Latest from Coop & My Reply

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 26, 2009

“Hi Mom and Dad

Wish I was there to organise your garage sale with all those people coming up the driveway.  I think it would be fun to bark at so many people.  I don’t do alot of barking here except when someone is out in MY street and making a noise.  Fergus and I take it in turns so Aunty Jenny thinks that is good, that way the neighbours think there is only one noisy Airedale.

I helped Jenny in the yard today when she was pulling some weeds out around the little fish pond.  I also, gave her support as she mowed the front lawns, as I could see her from the bedroom window.
Bark Bark Bark  yes that how to do mow the lawns Aunty Jenny.  Gosh I am a good boy!!

I am pooped now so I will have a sleep in a moment to recover.  Daisy come home on Friday night when Aunty Jenny went down to Fosternan’s house in Frankston to collect her.  She was soooooo
happy to be home and I put on my bestest smile and tail wag for her to make her feel welcome.

 Aunty Jenny has had Daisy on a diet for a long time and when she came back from Fosternan’s place she has put all that weight back on in 2 weeks.  Fosternan overfeeds furkids Jenny said. Jenny wasn’t too pleased.   6 months dieting gone in 2 weeks.

Us furkids sort of hang out together sleeping in the same rooms during the day which Aunty Jenny thinks is nice.  Usually in the room where Aunty Jenny is working but Fergus and I sleep up in my BIG bedroom alot.

I have also been a busy boy working on another bunker that Aunty Jenny found this morning.  She wasnt too impressed this time and said that we will hide that one from Uncle Gary.  But don’t worry I didnt do any damage. I just dug up heaps of rocks and stuff that will have to be filled in.

Boys have gone to their Dad’s this weekend, they said they don’t like going there as he doesn’t do anything with them so they get bored.  I am missing them cos they give me heaps of cuddles all the time.

Did you make enough money from the garage sale to buy me some new toys???   Huh  Huhh did you???   I hope so.

Aunty Helen sent Aunty Jenny an email about skye but Aunty Jenny wont be able to do it on her laptop but Uncle Gary is installing it on his laptop so we will see how we go with it.

Jenny will ring Helen one day this week to say hello and see how everyone is doing.  I can’t wait to see BS on Sunday.  

Better go now as I am pooped from gardening and landscaping.

love you Mom and Dad
your boy Cooper

My reply:

Dear Coop,
I am getting to know all the neighbors because they see the sign at the mailbox and then come down the driveway to check it out. I made a few dollars. I may need to send it to Aunt Jenny so she can restock the supply of treats for you, Fergus and especially Daisy.
I have found boxes and boxes of stuff we haven’t seen in years. I am packing your favorite bowl and the stand for it, I found Bean Sidhe’s Living room bed – the elegant blue one that she loves so much. I have one big box of all your special toys. On one of the shelves I found an old picture of your big brother, Galen. I had a little cry because I miss him so much (and probably because I’m missing you and Bean Sidhe so much).
The neighbors all ask about you two and are excited to hear about your adventures in Australia. I don’t think the mailman is missing you for some reason.
You should have Bean Sidhe tell Daisy about how hard it is for a girl to maintain her figure. I’m sure they could share tales of their favorite meals – and grandparents who spoil them. I sure Aunt Helen is making sure she doesn’t take Emma or Teddy’s dinners.
I know how much you enjoy working in the garden – you always ran into the house once Dad started the mower – but you are a good supervisor from the window. All these years I have been accusing BS of digging holes in my flower beds – hmmm now I know who really did it – bad boy. I hope you aren’t telling Aunt Jenny that  Fergus or Daisy are doing it.
I’m sure Bansch is as excited as you are to see each other. Now don’t play too rough – remember your leg and her arthritis is bothering her. Emma is probably able to handle your rough-housing.
Have a wonderful week and keep writing – you are such a joy in my life even though you are so far away,
Love, Mom

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