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Blue Mountains Revisited

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on August 26, 2008

I’m sure I mentioned in one of my earliest entries about Sue Forrester. I was introduced to Sue via her book “Emma’s Journey” by our friend Ann Graham in Wichita.  I met Ann through Kevin Blevins and Ann Resnick. When we first moved to Wichita I was driving around and saw a couple walking with two Airedales. At the time Galen and Terra we both alive. It is rare to see Airedales walking the streets in the US and even rarer to see two together. Well I couldn’t help but stop and introduce myself and to let them know we had two Airedales too.

Kevin and Ann invited us to an Airedale day in the park with other families with ‘dales. What a treat. That’s when we met Ann and Keith Graham and their two ‘dales. Well, time has gone by far to quickly and it’s sad to say that last year Keith Graham passed away, and since we’ve met I think Ann has lost at least two of her dogs that I am aware of and of course both Terra and Galen are gone. 

Ann was given Sue Forrester and Bill Molyneux’s book  – a touching tribute to their lost Airedale but so much more. When Ann found out we were coming to Australia she told me about the book and suggested I buy a copy when I get to Oz. Ann gave me Sue’s email address and said I should contact her regarding any special needs the kids may have once in Australia. Sue was very helpful about things to watch out for (bugs and snakes, etc.) As it turned out I had a difficult time finding a copy of Emma’s Journey in Australia so I purchased one directly from Sue and Bill. Learn more about “Emma’s Journey”.

Over the past few month’s Sue and I have been corresponding via email and a few phone calls. She was the one who told us about Bryan and Denise and their four Airedales one of which is a rescue dog who Sue helped place with them. Sue is very active in helping find homes for abandoned or unwanted (unthinkable) Airedales. Fergus and I stopped to visit them at their B&B in Leura in the Blue Mountains back in April.

Sue, Willow and Lucy in the background.

Sue, Willow and Lucy in the background.

Sue had plans to visit the Leuradales as they are known and invited me along. We were going with Atia and her daughter, Maia. Well, I didn’t know Atia but she welcomed me to stay with them in Sydney on Friday night before we drove up to the Blue Mountains on Saturday. Atia and Sue met when Sue was helping her to get her Airedale Enzo back to Australia from the Czech Republic. The story of this venture is too great for me to explain here but if you want to learn more about this truly incredible journey check out this website about Enzo.

Me. Atia and Maia in the cottage at Broomelea B&B.

Me. Atia and Maia in the cottage at Broomelea B&B.



By now you all are probably beginning to see the thread that weaves us all together. So off we go to the Blue Mountains to spend one night at Bryan and Denise’s beautiful cottage at their B&B and to get our Airedale fix from the four Leuradales. To really appreciate this lovely place click here Broomelea. It was a wonderful weekend and even though I came home with a sore throat and a head cold I was warmed by the new found friendships that I made.                    

Me, Maia and atia at the Blue Mountains.

Me, Maia and Atia at the Blue Mountains.

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A Farewell to the Moore’s

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on August 24, 2008

Britt and Anne and Canberra in the background.

Britt and Anne and Canberra in the background.

Britt and Pat Moore have become very good friends since our arrival in Canberra. They moved back to their home in Ashland, Oregon on August 13. Before leaving we were able to spend another evening with them. We had been saving a visit to the top of the Telstra Tower for a special occasion. The views are fantastic but it was windy and cold – definitely a hot summer day excursion not for a winter afternoon. Pat and Britt Moore - Farewell Dinner August 12, 2008

We went to dinner at the Telstra Tower Restaurant – Alto. So after seeing the city and the surrounding area from great heights we settled into the comfortable surroundings of the revolving restaurant.
Telstra Tower from the parking lot.
Telstra Tower from the parking lot.


It was a delicious dinner and a bittersweet farewell to our pals from the USA. Britt and I spend many a day sightseeing and just spending time together. She was so helpful when we first arrived by introducing me to places to see and some of the logisitics of getting around. Pat was also a big help to Fergus regarding the hospital. It’s a good thing I go the job at the Canberra Youth Theatre otherwise I would have realy felt the gap in my social life without Britt.

I know we will visit the Moore’s when we are back in the states. I’ve always wanted to go to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival and just never got around to it. Now I have even more reason to go – The Moore’s.

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Skiing…shopping in the Snowy Mountains

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on August 9, 2008

Fergus couldn’t wait to hit the slopes of the Australian Alps, I went along for the ride since I just don’t find skiing to be as much fun as it use to be. I hate the cold and the hassle but I do enjoy the LOOK of snow and the idea of being somewhere different. You will have to read Fergus’ new blog at to find out how the skiing actually was. I can tell you the shopping at Thredbo was okay for an afternoon – nowhere near Vail or Aspen – but enough to keep me busy while Fergus skied with Mike and his daughter, Emma. The next day Fergus and I went to Perisher Blue and I didn’t have much to do. It was cold and foggy and there wasn’t any wireless Internet so I couldn’t work on my blog.

I did see an emu walking along the side of the road and we heard and spotted our first kookaburra – awsome!! We stayed and Mike & Caroline Miller’s townhouse in Jindabyne about 20 minutes from the ski resorts. Our friends, Pat and Britt are suba diving at the Great Barrier Reef – sun and warmth, now that sounds like a vacation. Here some pictures of our trip.

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