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First Snow of 2011

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on January 11, 2011

Actually this is the  first snow of the winter for us. These are pictures from the front porch at around 8 am. It is very cold – about 10 degrees but it sure looks pretty.

The Australian update is that the Australia medical board needs ANOTHER copy of Fergus’ high school transcripts – they misplaced the original one we sent.  This apparently will be the “proof” they need that he speaks English. I guess they don’t know that they don’t teach “spoken English” in the English classes.

He has already requested the FBI report they want but that can take several weeks. The Adelaide hospital says they have everything they need and he can start work immediately, it’s the medical board approval they are waiting for.

We are figuring nothing is going to happen for a couple of more months. We decided to use our Frequent Flyer Miles and visit Leslie,  Manu,  and Paco in Belgium. Leslie has arranged for the five of us to go to Paris for a few days while we are there. So at the end of this month we will be going to Belgium. I hope to have lots of pictures to post.

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Happy Holidays

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on December 23, 2010

Dinner with Helen And Steve.

I was hoping to have more news about Australia for you all before I posted a new entry but alas , nothing new except they want more paperwork. So here is what we have been doing in the meantime. We went to Portland to visit Fergus’ niece , Aine, who is going to the University of Portland. We also had a chance to visit with my niece, Janet and her husband Mark who live about south of Portland. It was a quick trip. Fergus has a college friend, Steve and his wife Helen who also live there. Steve wasn’t able to make the trip to Santa Barbara for the fraternity reunion so we had a chance to get together while in Portland. It rained most of the time- well what do you expect, it’s Oregon after all but it didn’t dampen our visit one bit.

Aine and Fergus at the waterfalls near Mt. Hood.



Janet and Aine with me in the middle.










Fergus parents are here with us again this Christmas. No snow and not as cold as last year which is good for them. I hope to have more news for you all about Australia – as soon as I know something. Have a great Holiday.

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Where has the time gone?

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on October 23, 2010

So much has happened since I last updated my blog. Some of the hold up was computer problems but the rest is just plain laziness and other things getting in the way. Here are the highlights in a nutshell with pictures.

I went to California in September to visit family and Fergus has a fraternity reunion at US Santa Barbara. I drove up to see my niece Linda, who is going through chemo-therapy for an aggressive uterine cancer. I met her partner Jackie for the first time. They are both lovely and I had a wonderful visit.

Sunny, Jackie and Linda

Linda and I picking flowers at the community garden they belong to.









On the way back to the Bay Area I stopped in Santa Rosa and had lunch with Paul Haut and his partner, Todd. I have known Paul since the second grade and we have always had a special friendship all these years. We had a blast reminiscing about school and old friends.  Paul and Todd will be moving to Hawaii soon, I’m glad we had a chance to see each other again before we are all so far away.

Todd, me and Paul.

We stayed at Fergus’ Mom and Dad’s house. Here is a picture of them.

Martin and Maragret

We had lunch one day with Scott, Fergus’ oldest friend and Best Man at our wedding. We forgot to take a picture.

We drove down to Santa Barbara for the weekend and Fergus spent three days of reunion fun for his college fraternity.  He was so happy and enjoyed seeing his old frat buddies. It was kick for me to see him so animated, relaxed and excited to see people. One day while he was at the frat house for breakfast, I visited my great-niece Justina, Bihn and baby Dax, my great-great- nephew.

Dax, isn't he cute?

The Happy Family

Justina and I took a drive to the cemetery in Goleta to see Mom and Dads burial sites and Justina found her mother’s father’s grave site. It was a bit of a search but I’m glad we did it.  It’s been along time since I was there so I couldn’t remember exactly where it was. Justina has good eyes so she spotted them eventually.








On our last night in Santa Barbara we had dinner with our friends, Jan and Dan. It was so nice seeing them.We laughed and even shed a few tears.

Dan and Jan

Brother Danny and Chris had an early surprise birthday party for me.

The Big 60!

Curtis and Chris

Me and Danny











Fergus and I celebrated my actual Birthday back in Wichita – a day late because he had to work – at our favorite restaurant, Chester’s.

I only look a day over 60.

And there you have it – September 2010 – in a nut shell. Every day and each person mentioned deserved a complete blog entry of its own.  I so loved the visits with my friends and family. The drive up and down the California coast was so beautiful and brought back so many memories. Saying what might be my last good-bye to Mom and Dad was special and sweetened even more having shared it with Justina whom I have become so attached to. Seeing “niblings”, a word that Paul coined that refers to nieces and nephews of both sexes, is always a joy. Seeing Fergus so happy seeing his friends from college and Dan, Jan and Scott, was a highlight of the trip for me. Laughing with Linda and telling her stories of Mom and Dad was bittersweet. She is so strong and brave, a true inspiration to her old Auntie Anne Marie. And always feeling like I am coming home when I visit Danny and Chris. And sharing most of this with Fergus. I am one lucky lady.

I promise to write October’s blog before November rolls around. There is much to tell…a new baby, a trip to Philadelphia, completed quilts and, ta-da –  THE CONTACT ARRIVED. Stay tuned.

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“Airedales Downunder”

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on August 10, 2010

The project has been officially released. Check it out at –

This is what I have been working on since returning from our October trip to Australia. The story is included on the website so I won’t repeat it all here. Make sure that when you watch the “Airedales Downunder” video link on YouTube that you turn on the sound. Here is the direct link to the video, “Airedales Downunder”.

The quilts will be “awarded” in October in Montgomery, PA and I might try to be there to see who wins – maybe it will be someone out of all my friends and family- so be sure to “donate” for your chance at all the quilts and wall hangings.

If you like this one, Sue, Jenny and I are already thinking about our next project for 2012 – we will need to skip next year since I will be busy packing and moving.

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Jesse and Luisa’s Wedding

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on August 9, 2010

Jesse and Luisa Sullivan

My  great nephew Jesse Sullivan, my sister Margie’s grandson, got married this past weekend. It was a great weekend with an opportunity to see some of my nieces, two new great-grand nephews, a great grand niece and my siblings.

We had a terrific time just hanging out, reminiscing and laughing. We spent much of time trying to get facts straight about the past, trips we took as kids, people our parents knew and who there were, when we lived and where at different times. It was funny. Since I was the youngest most of their memories were way before I was even born.

Dallas, Texas is pretty hot this time of year but is wasn’t as bad for me coming from Kansas since it has been pretty hot there too. My niece, Janet and her husband Mark came from Oregon. It was the first time I got to meet Mark and he was a trooper to put up with the likes of us. He fit right in giving it right back to us jab for jab.

Alora and Uncle Mark

Justina, her husband Bihn, and their new baby Dax where there. I have pictures of Justina and her family after Dax was born but here is one of them at the wedding.

Dax, Justina and Bihn

I also meet Kara who I hadn’t seen since she was a baby. She lives in Texas was there with her little girl Alora and her new son, Xavier and her husband, Tony. We were relaxing by the pool the morning of the wedding.

Kara, Xavier and Janet

Jesse is my sister’s oldest son John’s youngest child. John died quite a few years ago and his kids have been living in Texas for a long time so we didn’t really see them much when they were growing up. It is nice to see what a nice young man he is and how much he looks like my nephew John, his dad.

Marge and her great grandson, Xavier

The bride, Luisa was a bit shy with all of the Serrano’s around but I think Jesse was pleased to have some family from his Dad’s side there.

Bob, John and Danny

It might be a long time before my brothers and sister and I all see each other all together. We are planning it already – 2013 for my sister’s 80th birthday. In the meantime we had a terrific time just hanging out, reminiscing, and laughing.

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The Adventure Begins Again!!

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on July 5, 2010

Tomorrow we are off to Adelaide Australia. Fergus has an interview with the organization that staffs several hospitals in the city. It will be a quick trip, we will be there a week.  We are hopeful that the job is a match for him.

Our friend’s in Melbourne got me connected with a couple they know who live in Adelaide, Sally and Rob, and we are going to get together with them while we are there. Rob is a GP in the area so he knows the hospitals and the medical community and can hopefully give us some insights. They also happen to be Airedale people, three Airedales , two of them rescue ‘dales.

I know I hinted about my “project” but I can’t reveal it just yet so you will have to keep tuning in.

I have an update on Leslie, however, we finally got a pictures of her “baby bump”. I see a visit to Belgium in the not too far future.

Leslie and baby in Mallorca

We will wait to go until after  the baby is born but go before Leslie has to return to work.  I’m hoping we will be settled in Australia by then. If not we will go anyway because we haven’t seen their new house and we’ve been wanting to go for a long time now.

The happy couple

I will try to write more during our trip if I can get internet access. Cross your fingers that all goes well.

I mentioned Justina had her baby. I also received a photo of the happy family.

My great, great newphew. Isn't he just GREAT?

My great, great newphew. Isn't he just GREAT?

Before we move to Australia I will definitely have to make a trip to California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho to see friends and family. I’m going to start making a list of places to stop so make sure you email and let me know if you have room for me and I will put you on the itinerary.

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Weekend Project

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on September 14, 2009

So I got an estimate from a local handyman to demolish an old chicken shed in the backyard. This shed hasn’t been used for a long time and it was in pretty bad shape. While we were in Australia the east wall finally fell down. It’s a nice haven for spiders and snakes.

Well after I got the estimate I figured,”No way, I can do this myself for just the cost of a Bobcat (which I am very experienced at using) and a few hours of my time.” It only took me all day Saturday and Sunday but I did it. I even pulled up a dead tree, pulled down dead hanging limbs, scraped the driveway and filled pot holes in the driveway. Money well spent on the Bobcat – I think I want one all of my own.

I left the bottom row of bricks. It will make a nice bed for flowers or veggies. I can get some chicken wire to keep the rabbits and other creatures out of the bed. I have been wanting to do this for years. I will feel it tomorrow, the concrete blocks didn’t scoop up easily into the Bobcat so I had to pick most of them up and put them in the bucket but at least I didn’t have to use a wheelbarrow to haul them away.

Here are some before and after pictures. Once I get the chicken wire up I will add more pictures. As you can see I torn up the lawn pretty good because the ground was still wet from all the rain we recently had but if I throw some seed down soon it will grow back fairly quickly.

Freddie, the cat came by a few times to check on my progress. He said, “Nice litter box you are making for me.”  Once the Bobcat was revved up again he was on is way back to the front porch.

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Enough is Enough

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on July 7, 2009

I am finished with this garage sale business. Yesterday I spent the entire day in the garage without one single customer or sale (the first time since the start of this project). I see that as a sign that it is time to try something new.

I did set up a CD player I have for sale and put on some of my favorite music so I was able to sing at the top of my lungs (Fergus was at work so there was no one to bother except the birds and the cat). I danced to the music of Gloria Estefon and Micheal Jackson, so I got some exercise, and I rearranged the mess in the garage. It was a productive day but not a profitable day. 

Today I am going to call the auction company and set up a final auction sale to get rid of the rest. I want to focus my energy on packing and selling the house. Here are final pictures of the inside of the garage (before the rearrangement). After the auction I hope to show you a garage with two cars parked inside.

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Fergush’s Birthday Pictures

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 29, 2009

Fergush (our nickname for Cooper’s foster Aire’bro) has a party to celebrate his tenth birthday. Cooper looks like he was having a grand time – “we never celebrate like this at home”, he was thinking. I think he is going to be spoiled when we get back. He will be wanting to visit Aunt Jenny and Uncle Gary ALL THE TIME!! Here are the pictures they sent of the party. Jenny does have a head – see her in the last photo.

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Pics of the Pups

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 9, 2009


Helen and Eric sent us some more pictures from the Sunday BBQ. The kids look great and seem to be getting along just fine. We on the other hand are missing them like crazy. Check out “Tales from the ‘Dales” for their latest letters.

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