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Fergush’s Birthday Pictures

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 29, 2009

Fergush (our nickname for Cooper’s foster Aire’bro) has a party to celebrate his tenth birthday. Cooper looks like he was having a grand time – “we never celebrate like this at home”, he was thinking. I think he is going to be spoiled when we get back. He will be wanting to visit Aunt Jenny and Uncle Gary ALL THE TIME!! Here are the pictures they sent of the party. Jenny does have a head – see her in the last photo.

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No New News

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 29, 2009

Everything is the same here. I am still doing the garage sale every weekend and have almost all the stuff out the the house, storage shed, and basement that I want to get rid of.

I shipped some things to my friend Kelly in Idaho, mostly decorative fabric for her annual Snow Ball, and some Christmas decorations that I had for sale at Pages, my book store in Emmett. I sent a box of my favorite novels to Sue in Australia adn a few items to Cooper’s foster family. Fergus sent some Sci Fi books to Curtis in California.

If anyone wants something let me know before I pack it all up to ship or for Goodwill. I’m thinking about having an auction and just getting rid of the rest in one full swoop. I will call the auction people this week and see how quickly that can be done.

I have the house listed on a For Sale By Owner site. I’ve had three couples come and look at the house but no offers just yet.

It has been incredibly hot here the last few days so being in the garage has been like baking in an oven at 100 degrees for eleven hours. I am sweating off the pounds – which in itself is not a bad thing. I lost a lot of weight before we went to Australia and while we were there it started to creep back up (especially after we finally got a car and I wasn’t walking everywhere and we were finding all those great places to eat). Since we’ve been back I have been getting back to my pre-trip weight and feel much better.

This afternoon we are going to see “Camelot” at Music Theatre of Wichita. We have had season tickets since we first moved here. We have Sunday matinee seats and then we go out to dinner – our only real date night. I’ll let you know how it was. I’ve seen Camelot on stage three times before once with Richard Harris as Arthur and once with Robert Goulet as Arthur. There won’t be any “famous” stars in this one but MTW puts on really good Broadway quality shows. Friends of mine work on the shows as costumers, set builders and occasionally performers so it is always a treat to see their names in the playbill. You can check out their website here MTW.

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House for Sale

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 22, 2009

This week I was finally feeling that the house was in shape to show it. So I put “For Sale” signs out at the road and in front of the house. I got 2 calls on the first day for two couples to come and look at the house. I know that the times are hard but there are people who want acreage and a “newer” house and we have both.

I am feeling confident that our house will sell. I have priced it competitivelyand the house looks great – I had the carpets cleaned, I have removed all of our personal stuff – like the books tell you to do, and I have most of the boxes removed to storage. Tonight I had one couple come and look at it and they asked lots of good questions. I don’t think they were lookie – loos, I think they really wanted a larger house with more acrage.  Tomorrow the other couple is coming to see the house. Keep your finger’s crossed that  all of  these people are serious.

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Oh to be an Airedale

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 14, 2009

The “kids” have had a more exciting week than we have. I did more garage sale and Fergus worked, so what else is new. Check out the latest letters from the kids  at  “Tales from the ‘dales”.

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Computer Skills & Junk

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 11, 2009

I have been venturing into new areas in the past couple of weeks. I have listed the house on a website called Info Tube. It’s a For Sale by Owner site. I had to enter info about the house etc. I only have one picture on it  so far but once I get everything looking the way I want to show it I will get the next updated package that allows more photos.

I am also trying to sell some things on Ebay. That’s a bit more work than I thought. So far NO ONE has bid on the items – not a good sign. The garage sale is still going strong. I am getting rid of lots of “stuff” things we haven’t used or seen in years. But it is getting old hanging out in the hot garage all weekend long, people moaning about something being a dollar, people rummaging through boxes and leaving a mess. I am ready to call the Junk Boys and have them haul it all away. This week is the city wide yard sale hopefully business will pick up when they compare my junk with other people’s junk.


This week however wasn’t all work, I had lunch with Misty on Monday. I have seen her a couple of times since we have been back. She has come to my garage sale and bought some items for her theatre and she brought Storme, her sister by one day and she went book shopping in the basement.

My only other excursions have been to the grocery store and the hardware store – my personal favorite. Have a good week and thanks for keeping in touch. My stats showed that one day over 28 people viewed my blog – I can’t imagine who all is following the continuing saga so drop me a note when you get a chance.

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Pics of the Pups

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 9, 2009


Helen and Eric sent us some more pictures from the Sunday BBQ. The kids look great and seem to be getting along just fine. We on the other hand are missing them like crazy. Check out “Tales from the ‘Dales” for their latest letters.

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Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 3, 2009

Cooper and his foster family, Jenny, Gary and Lorna went to visit Bean Sidhe and her family, Helen, Eric, Emma and Teddy last Sunday. It sounds like they had a great time. We were able to see them when Jenny and Helen Skyped us. It was about noon their time and 9 pm our time. We were having a storm – what a surprise – wind and rain so the connection was choppy and it was hard to hear what Jenny was saying but we enjoyed it anyway.

Here are some pictures that Gary took of the reunion. They looked great. Cooper was decked out in his favorite blue collar and BS had a pretty red bandana. Teddy had a new haircut because he was the “host” of course. And Emma was just as pretty as can be with her blue scarf. It sounds like Cooper was overwhelmed with all the Airedales and humans around him and that he didn’t really spend any quality time with his baby sister. She of course was much more interested in what was happening at the BBQ. She knows what a great cook Uncle Eric is so she didn’t want to miss a thing.

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Why did the turkey cross the road?

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 3, 2009

Turkey on the driveway.

Turkey on the driveway.

To get away from the hunters.

This time of year we hear lots of gun shots. No we aren’t in the ghetto and it isn’t the sound of a “Saturday Night Special” , it’s the hunters and their dreaded shotguns. The dogs hated it  – it’s almost as bad as fireworks. Because of that we get lots of turkeys on our property. We won’t let any one hunt in our fields. I always worry about someone accidentally shooting the dogs.

I tried to get closer to this turkey to take a better picture but as soon as I got close he flew off into the trees. A few years ago we got a beautiful tom turkey who was strutting around with his tail feathers in display. That was before we had a digital camera. If Isee one I will post a picture – they are very beautiful.

I’ve had lots of shoppers at the garage sale. There was a young couple you checked things out at a distance – they have some new babies in the crook of the raingutter so they took a quick break  to see what was happening below.

Do you see anything you like?

Do you see anything you like?

Some of my customers like to hop in around closing time when it isn’t so hot or busy. This one was hoping it was a farmer’s market with fresh veggies.
My most frequent customer is that cheeky cat “Freddy” – Mr. Fred Astaire in his tux and white tie. I don’t even know if he is a “he” but Freddy was very timid when I first saw him hanging around wondering who I was and what was I doing.
Dogs? What dogs?

Dogs? What dogs?

He is still very afraid of me but is warming up slowly – the kitty food is helping. I’m hoping he will keep the mice away since I don’t have my mighty hunter, Bean Shide patroling the area.
This isn’t like the wildlife photos we were taking in Australia but it’s all we’ve got for now. Tiny and not so tiny birds, hopping hares and feral cats. At least they know they are safe in our yard, the only shots they will get from us is a snapshot.
I'll just make myself comfortable on your back stairs.

I'll just make myself comfortable on your back stairs.

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