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Nathan’s Graduation

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 23, 2010

I  am a bit late on reporting about Nathan’s  graduation but I was waiting to download some pictures and I have been working on a “project” that I need to complete before I can “reveal ” it to the world.

First, Nathan’s graduation from MIT in Boston was fantastic.We had a fun week in Boston the several days we were there before the graduation. We walked the Freedom Trial with a guide, a history professor in full Red Coat attire. He was interesting as well as entertaining.

Freedom Trail Tour

We had seafood every day: the  clam chowder was outstanding every place we ate. The beer wasn’t too bad either.

The night before graduation, Nathan, Chris and Chris’ sister, Barbie and I went out to dinner and then to see the Boston Pops who were giving a special performance for the graduating class and the 50 Reunion alumni. Both the dinner and the concert were great fun.

Barbie, Nathan and Chris.

Graduation Day was HOT!! We were sitting with what seemed like a zillion people. There were almost 3000 students who graduated when you include undergrad and graduate students. They read off everyone’s names – rightly so- but it made for a long morning. Danny and Chris were visibility proud as were we.

The Serrano Family

That evening we went to Joanie’s house, Chris’ other sister, for a BBQ. It was quite an adventure getting there. What should have been a 15 minute drive took us over an hour. If you’ve never driven in Boston I would recommend not to do it or at least pay the extra money for a GPS in the rental car. That city is so confusing, the road signs are non-existent and if there is one it is confusing as to where they are directing you. Add to that the traffic and it’s enough to mad.

On our final day, Fergus and Nathan went to an old battleship yard (yawn) so I went to two art museums – terrific! The day flew by. That night we all went to Nathan’s favorite restaurant in Boston, Abe & Louie’s. It was a wonderful end to a fantastic week of family, fun and celebration.

Nathan and family at Abe & Louie's.

There is more exciting news that I will report in a future blog. We are going to Australia on July 6 for a job interview. And in the next week I hope to add a blog telling you about my “project”.  Tune in soon.

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