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Au Revoir

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on January 26, 2011

We are heading off to Belgium this afternoon. Mainly we want to see Leslie, Manu and the baby, Paco but while there we plan to visit Paris, too. I will try to take time to write what I have been up to these past couple of weeks. Maybe while we are at the airport in Chicago – if they have free WiFi.

It’s been sunny and cold here but a couple of weeks ago it was very snowy. Here’s a picture of the front yard.

View from the front porch.

Stay tune for more pictures and highlights of our latest adventure.

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First Snow of 2011

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on January 11, 2011

Actually this is the  first snow of the winter for us. These are pictures from the front porch at around 8 am. It is very cold – about 10 degrees but it sure looks pretty.

The Australian update is that the Australia medical board needs ANOTHER copy of Fergus’ high school transcripts – they misplaced the original one we sent.  This apparently will be the “proof” they need that he speaks English. I guess they don’t know that they don’t teach “spoken English” in the English classes.

He has already requested the FBI report they want but that can take several weeks. The Adelaide hospital says they have everything they need and he can start work immediately, it’s the medical board approval they are waiting for.

We are figuring nothing is going to happen for a couple of more months. We decided to use our Frequent Flyer Miles and visit Leslie,  Manu,  and Paco in Belgium. Leslie has arranged for the five of us to go to Paris for a few days while we are there. So at the end of this month we will be going to Belgium. I hope to have lots of pictures to post.

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