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Letter to the Kids

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 24, 2009

Here is letter I sent to Bean Sidhe and Cooper about what I have been doing.

“Dear Kids,

Today I had a “Garage Sale” which meant I had to take EVERYTHING we had in the garage and pull it out so that people could look at it and ask to have it for almost nothing. It took me all week to get the shelves emptied and cleaned, I had Dad bring up some of the boxes of stuff from the basement and some from the closet. It was hard dirty work (what I did not what Dad did).
Cooper you would have hated it, all day long people where driving up to visit and buy things.  One lady even had  her little black dog with her- nothing special like an Airedale but I got a nice doggie cuddle – my first since leaving you guys. I sold my bike and some garden tools and a patio umbrella. A nice man with two little kids bought some children’s books.They are all excited about us moving to Australia.
Do you two remember the old farmer Butch who lived at the next farm down the road? (Cooper I think you nipped his ankle once.) He stopped by to say hi. He is retired now and he and his wife moved into a house in the city. His son-in-law is working the farm and he has rented the house to…guess who? The nice man with the kids who came by and bought the books!!!
I saw that black cat again today but by the time I found the camera it was gone. I also saw some deer really early this morning. I will carry my camera with me so I can send you some pictures of them.
I’m excited for your visit with each other next week. Please ask Aunt Jenny and Aunt Helen to take lots of pictures so Dad and I can see how you are. You might see if Aunt Helen can send me her Skype address and maybe we can call while you are there. Wouldn’t that be nice!!
(I have no idea how we can organize that but I would love to see you live.)
Well, I’m beat and I have three more days of garage sale-ing – then again next week. Love and kisses, hugs and rubs! Missing you.
Love, Mom


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