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Letters from the Kids

We received two letters today from the kids. It sounds like they have had a busy week.

Hi Mom
This week has gone so fast!
Teddy came home from the Vet’s and looked real cool with his purple stocking on. Aunt Helen was told that he may not eat his dinner as he had had his teeth scaled and polished, so he got weetbix and milk. Then he was still hungry and got his usual dinner. So I tried to limp, to see if I got any extra, but no… poor me.
However, this morning Eric & Mike went out real early to photograph a steam train coming from Melbourne and Aunt Helen was incharge of breakfast. Guess what. Instead of my usual milk and biscuit I got weetbix and warm milk. Mmmmm. Lovely.
It’s been pretty cold here so I spend my day like this. I wake up when Emma comes and tells me it’s time to get up. We play and then go outside for the bathroom, rush back in and have breakfast. Then we play, then we go outside and run, then back in and snooze. Lunch time we sit next to someone and look hungry. Then we play and go outside. Then we sleep till our dinnertime. We eat and then go outside. Then it’s THEIR dinner time so we sit by the table and look hungry. Then we lick the plates and play. Go outside, come in, get on a lounge, snooze till bed time. Go out one more time, go to the bedroom, play then settle in bed till the morning.
I hope Cooper and his friends have a good cooking time. Yes, I like those dog biscuits. We had some recently, made from Vegemite, and they were good.
Well Mom gotta go, as I hear the rattle of food.
Keep your chin up, I am thinking of you.


and from Cooper:

Hey sis BS

Guess what!!  can you guess can you can you????   huh huh  I have to tell you and I can’t wait!!!!!   Today Aunty Jen took Fergush and myself off to Aunty Janes’s place for a cookie bake off!!   It was so much fun.  I got a great car ride and people in a car were trying to be friends with Fergus who was in the back seat.   They put the window down and were talking to him.. He was just staring at them cos he knew they were trying to be friends.  Playing hard to get, cos when he wants to be friends he BARKS at them and then laughs.  But with this lady he had her yelling and laughing and he just sat there staring at her.  So funny BS.

Today,  I met Sam and Mr Periwinkle.  Now I know why he is called Mr P  and it is not because he pees everywhere,  oh,  well actually he does but his name is Mr Periwinkle.  They were really friendly to me and Sam and I just loved each other.  Tails wagging madly and noses sniffing like there was no tomorrow.   It was so much fun.  Fergush loves to visit the pooshies and there are 5 of them..  He ran straight into the house and knew where exactly to position himself before he did his famoush BARK.   Then pushed past Aunty Jane to visit Bullpup in the study.  I didn’t get to see him BS.  But Fergush said he sure is ugly. But in a nice way as Fergush isn’t mean.

We baked Airedale Terrier shapes, hearts and mini dog bone shapes and of course there was a taste testing time as we all had to give our approval.  And we DID they are yummmy.  We used Aunty Helens recipe and also one from Aunty Jenny’s book that she found with recipes in it.  Yummo.  I am going to send some up to you and Teddy and Emma this week as a treat because I don’t want you guys to miss out.

So tired tonight as we all went for a long long walk around the park near Aunty Jane’s house and it was great.  Sam and P love to bark at all the canines and tell them what they think.  Fergush and I were quieter as we were the visitors and were on our best behaviour.  You would have  been proud of me BS.

I am glad that you are happy with Aunty Helen and Uncle Eric, they are really nice people and I can tell they love you.  My foster family here love me just as much and I am really happy.  I do miss Mom and Dad very much but I know they will come for us as soon as they can.  At least we are loved and safe while they have to do what they have to do.

I am glad also that the vet has helped you with your sore legs.  It must be painful for you and I know my leg was sore when I came here but it is fine now so I hope yours gets better fast.  Daisy said she had the same needles that you did and it helped her.

Better go now but please BS give my licks and sniffs to everyone and maybe tomorrow I can send some pics of today.  They arent that great as I was new to the camera but I tried.

Sleep well sis and Aunty Jen said that she will be in touch soon with Aunty Helen to make a playdate soon.

love from Cooper

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