Anne Marie's Australian Adventure

Follow the Adventures of Anne Marie, Fergus, Cooper and Bean Sidhe in Australia!!

Tales from the ‘dales

The Kansas Kids in Oz.

The Kansas Kids in Oz.

This page will keep you in contact with Cooper and Bean Sidhe who are still in Australia patiently watching at the door for Mom and Dad to return. Aunt Jenny and Aunt Helen are kind enough to type their messages to me (because they have no thumbs) and write a few humans notes to me also. I will post them here for your enjoyment.

9 Responses to “Tales from the ‘dales”

  1. I guess I’m not that sure how a “page” words. I thought I could add entires like I do on my blog but when I went in to add something it didn’t work the same. I’m going to see if this is works.

  2. Here’s a story from Jenny about the Aire-boys:

    Hi Everone

    Just wanted to fill you in on Fergus’ antics last night

    Let us set the scene:

    2am in the morning
    vey very dark
    long grass out the back wet and very cold
    temperature very very cold

    Me in bed fast asleep vaguely stirring thinking is that a dog bark ? wait a moment then another bark….. continues in my drowsiness then I think …. FERGUSH!!! I creep down and check his bed and there on his bed is Cooper looking quite inoccent, “What’s the problem Aunty Jen??” Fergush barks at the laundry door , so I let him in. I tell Coop to get on his own bed, then push Fergush over to his bed, in turn he shniffs and walks away shaying “I not sleeping where HE has been!”. I say “GET ON YOUR BED buddy boy” so he gets on.

    I go back to bed, cold and half awake , start drifting off and here in the distance “BARK…….wait …….BARK……” I get up a bit more intent on killing him this time but cannot find him. I turn on the outside lights, go out and call him. No answer. Fergush knows I can’t see in the dark and it is a favourite game in the middle of the night to hide in the dark watching me.

    I can’t find the torch and then DING I think ……. slowly I open the back family room curtains, then quietly open the sliding door and then as quick as a flash I switch on the back spotlight…… there sitting in the middle of the back yard in the long very wet and cold grass is Fergush with the biggest grin on his face until the penny drops that ‘ I got him’. I race out , he tries to flee for his life but I catch him, Dragging him inside I hit my toe cutting it and then drag him up to our room put him on the dog pillow and I get into bed.

    Fergush then gets up, goes over to Gary who is asleep through all this and gives Gary snoggs as Gary pats him and says “hello Fergus buddy, good boy” then Fergus boy goes back to his bed and goes to sleep. Me….. wide awake, toe killing me and freezing cold. Fergush won the game.

    Gosh I love him


  3. Helen forwarded this letter from Bean Sidhe:

    Hi Mom and Dad

    I have just been to see Chris the Vet. She is a very nice lady and she really liked me. She had never seen an Airedale as big as me.
    Today I weighed 41.2 klo. Is that good or bad for my height ?
    I had my first cartrophen injection today. It didn’t hurt at all. Aunty Helen will give me the next 2 and we will go back to Chris for the last one in three weeks time.
    Chris was worried about my lumps. She aspirated the big one on my back and lots of liquid came out. She said that was why it was so big as it was filling up with liquid. She also felt the lump on my side, and this she was more concerned about, but we thought that I had had them tested back in the States and all had shown to be ok.

    Teddy came with me, and he is going into hospital one day to have a small growth taken off his leg. I heard them say whilst he was under the anaesthetic he was to have “everything” possible done and checked! Sounds like a fun day out ah ? Teddy loves going to the vets and everyone knows him.

    Oh well, must go and have my dinner and then a snooze on the lounge until Grays Anatomy comes on, Aunty Helen’s favourite programme.

    Lots of love Mom and Dad and I miss you sooooo much.


    And here is my reply:

    Dear Bean Sidhe,

    I’m glad you liked your new doctor and that she took good care of you. I’ sure you are glad to get the ugly bump off your back – we should have done it along time ago. I bet you are soooo pretty now. Dr. Gary here didn’t think the lumps were a problem but if Chris wants to take care of the one on your side that would be okay. Can she aspirate that one too – or is something more drastic needed?

    I think you are sneaking some of Emma and Teddy’s food. You were 39 kilos when we arrived in Australia (don’t worry Mom and Dad gained a few kilos too, all that good Asian food). Be careful about putting on more. It will be easier to get some exercise once your shots take effect and your hips don’t hurt so much. I know what you are thinking – this is your winter protection – but don’t fool yourself it gets harder to lose when you get older.

    I was telling Aunt Jenny what a good nurse you are – so when Teddy gets home from the doctor’s you take really good care of him so Aunt Helen won’t have to worry too much. I know you will see Cooper in a couple of days. Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures.

    Love and miss you,

  4. Hey Mom and Dad

    How silly of me not to realise I could see you on the computer if I came inside yesterday but there was sooooooo much going on that it was almost mayhem. But I am glad you got to see me.

    It was good to see sis but I think she has really really bonded with Emma as they seemed to spend alot of time together playing. I was able to have a good run in Aunty Helen’s yard and my leg is 100% ok so I think my few weeks of R & R have done it well.

    I was a little grumpy yesterday and BS gave me a right gobful and told me off no end. I felt a bit embarrased at being told off in front of everyone, and she did it lots of times Mom and Dad !!!!

    Aunty Jenny thinks that I was tired and a bit overwhelmed and Emma the 3 yr old airedale kept wanting to play and pawing at me so I guess I just got grumpy and gave her several loud warnings but she didn’t back off. (that is my side of the story) also everytime I was outside with them all I seemed to be cornered and I don’t like that. But Aunty Jenny and Uncle Gary gave me lots of cuddles and pats to make me feel better, (boy did I lap that up).. hee hee

    I slept alllll the way home and nearly broke the front door down trying to get inside, then I had a lovely big dinner and then snoozes which was lovely on a full tummy. Fergus gave me the once and twice over about 100 times as he knew I had been somewhere where there were girls… he likes girls.

    I had 4 weetbix this morning with my warm milk and boy do I love it so I was off to a good start this morning.

    The hoomans had a lovely big lunch yesterday and it smelt really good but I didnt seem to have a seat at the table and being the guest of honour I thought that was a bit odd , don’t you??? huh huh

    I hope you like the pics Gary took. The one of BS sitting is where the group pic was taken but when it was finished she wouldn’t move (I don’t think she moved a muscle in all the group pics as she looks like a statue) and Uncle Gary took one of her sitting and refusing to move which was funny.

    Missing you both but hope it is not too long before you can come back.

    lots of wet nose kisses and pawhugs
    love your boy Cooper xxxxxxxxx

  5. Bean Sidhe wrote to tell me about the BBQ, oh yeah and the reunion too.

    Hi Mom and Dad

    I had a very nice day at my BBQ. It was great to meet Jenny, Gary and Laura. They are very nice people and made a big fuss of me.
    It was a lovely sunny day and we could play in the back yard.
    Cooper also came. We didn’t have a lot to say to each other. He had a good run round and spoke to Emma and he and Ted had a good chat and play. I was more interested in everyone else and the smell of the BBQ lamb!

    I’m glad that you could see us Mom and we both miss you and look forward to your return, but we are being well looked after. I think Cooper was tired on the way home – it’s a long drive as you know.

    It’s been raining here, so we have been indoors today, just popping out into the yard for necessities. I heard Eric tell Helen that I was very cleaver. It was wet out so I walked along the patio and then hung my bottom over onto the grass and had a pee. See, no wet feet! Cleaver me. HeheJ

    No other news, so will go back to my lounge, for a snooze before Emma and I have a big game before bed.

    Love ya Mom and Dad.

    Your BS. XXXXX

  6. Here’s the latest news from Bean Sidhe and my reply:

    Hi Mom
    Nice to hear from you last week. Hope the packing and garage sales are going well.

    The weather has been changeable here. We’ve had some time out side in the front garden, but today Sunday it’s cold and wet, so we are watching the footy with Mike.
    Mike is from England and is working here for 3 weeks. He likes us all, and is trying to learn the rules of AFL.

    I am fine. Helen gave me my second injection on Thursday and I was a good girl – it didn’t hurt – but I got a treat anyway. I have been stretching recently, so hope my legs get a little better.
    Teddy is off to the vets on Thursday to have a little lump taken of his leg (he chews it sometimes), and a general check up whilst he’s asleep.

    I just love playing with Emma, we wear ourselves out, but it’s not the same with you and Dad not being here. I always look into the flat to see if you are back yet.

    Got to go now as dinner will be ready soon.

    Lots of love to you and Dad.

    Dear Baby,
    Sorry I didn’t write back sooner. I was doing the big garage sale again this past weekend and by the time I pack it all up for the night and take a shower I can hardly move. This weekend wasn’t as good as the past two but now that the weather is getting better people are spending time at the lake or on vacation. Next week is the city wide yard sale so I’m hoping we will get more business then.

    You should be glad you are are at Aunt Helen & Uncle Eric’s this time of year. We had another big thunder storm with lots of lightening, wind and rain fortunately no tornados.

    Dad has been working a lot lately so I am very lonely without you and Coop to keep me company. I think last night we all would have been curled up on the bed panting and shaking. Today was cooler and nicer. I went shopping and bought paint and other things to fix up things on the house that might not look so good to anyone who might want to buy it.

    Well, be a good girl and take care of Teddy when he gets home from the vets – lots of licks and cuddles. Tell everyone there I say hi.

    Love, Mom

  7. Bean Sidhe reported in with the happenings at Woodend. Here is her letter:

    Hi Mom
    I just read your last letter and wanted to tell you that I will not need the bark collar!
    Teddy has given me the info. On who to bark at and who to smile at. We bark hello to Ben next door as he waves to us on his way in and out of his property, and we smile at Kerry’s car as her girls just love ME.. They met Helen in the supermarket and asked all about ME. I have a special place to sit now. It used to be Ruby’s favourite position and I can see why. I’m at the far end of the run, and I can see Wally World and the cows, and the kangaroos by the pine forest. I had to make the ‘dug out ‘ a little bigger so I could sink my hips into the pit, but now I’m well ensconced
    We haven’t spent much time out the front recently as it has been cold. Now the back garden is secure we spend our time in and out. There was snow on Mt. Macedon yesterday. We hoped for snow today so we could play snow balls, but alas it warmed up.
    Helen is off to collect Teddy soon. When she rang he was having his teeth cleaned, so looking forward to that million dollar smile!
    Ooooh, I hear my food bowl being filled so gotta run.
    Love ya lots Mum and miss you.
    Yours BS XXXXX

    And my replay:

    Dear Bansch,

    I am so glad you are making so many new friends in the neighborhood. I remember when we first took you to Aunt Helen’s and we took a walk to the see the alpacas how much you wanted to join them in their paddock and play.

    I bet you like the new fenced yard near the house. You can watch what is going on inside the house – just in case it’s dinner time.

    Snow! How fun. We didn’t see any in Canberra but I’m sure you remember it from Kansas so if it gets down to your house be sure to wipe the snowballs off you feet before you come into the house.

    Has the shot the vet gave you helping with your hips? I bet with the cold you might be aching a little bit more. Tell Aunt Helen that if she thinks more will help that you will be a brave girl and let the vet poke a needle in you again.

    Oh Teddy is going to look so nice with his shiny teeth – put your sunglasses on because he is going to dazzle you with his smile. He might be a little drowsy when he first gets home to let him rest while you and Emma play outside.

    Cooper is going to a party on Saturday and will bake you a cookie. I take it from what Jenny and Jane say it’s from a recipe they got from Aunt Helen so you have probably had your share of treats. I’m sure you will get to see the pictures too.

    Well my girl, have a wonderful day and give Aunt Helen a big hug from me.
    Missing you to tears, Mom

  8. We got note from Bean Sidhe this week. Here is what she had to say:

    Hi Mom, BS here. We have had a couple of nice days when we have been out the front, and a couple of days when we just sat by the fire. When I went to the vet there was a small dog there, but I didn’t take any notice of her.

  9. The kids are definately having much more fun than we are. Cooper went to a birthday party for his foster brother fur’dale Fergush(our knick name to distingish him from Dad Fergus). They had balloons and treats and visitors. We also got a Skype call from him last night. We were able to see his smiling face and hear him bark (at least we think one of those barking voices was either him, Fergush , or Daisy – his foster sibs).
    I will post some pictures on my main blog page for you to check out.

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