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Happy New Year

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on January 7, 2010

I have been a bit lazy about updating my blog – I know I’ve said this before. But no news is probably good news or at least boring news.

Fergus has sent out inquiries to several hospitals  in Australia (a few at a time  in case he gets a positive response.  Many of them are saying they don’t have openings at this time which seems very strange since there was such a hue and cry for needing ER physicians. We haven’t given up.

This has been a very cold and snowing holiday season. Usually the snow doesn’t stay long on the ground here but this year it is staying an accumulating. The Cooper and Bean Sidhe like playing around in the snow but not for too long since it is very cold too.

Freddie is doing well. I have constructed a warm cubby hole on the shelves in the garage. I try to visit him a couple of times a day and he curls up on my lap. He loves it when I hum songs to him (he doesn’t care much for my singing but the humming soothes him). I hum my repertoire of songs and he sleeps like a baby. When there is fresh snow on the ground I can follow his little paw prints to see where he has explored. It is so funny- out the kitty door, up the front walkway, peek into the front window, run away when Cooper barks, across the lawn and up a tree, down the other side of the tree, across into the field – and then I get too cold and go back into the house. One day I am going to dress for the exploration and follow his path full circle. He always comes back to the warmth of the garage.

I am getting a bit of cabin fever so I think I will take a class at the quilt shop. We also looked into getting a membership at the brand new YMCA. It is very nice and they have all sorts of classes – maybe a dance class would be fun.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. Cross your fingers that we know something soon about Australia soon or else I will have to start unpacking – again!!!

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Shelter from the Cold

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on August 29, 2009

I have been feeling very protective of our adopted feral cat, Fred Astaire. It started with us seeing him eating bird seed. I didn’t think it would hurt to feed him a bit of kittie kibble. He wouldn’t come near us. Since May I have gotten him to come when he is  called by his name, let me pet him, he will sit on my lap and purrs. He follows me when I am in the yard or garage. He is adorable.

I had the Country Cat Organization come out and give him vaccinations, took him to the vet to have him neutered and my latest project is getting him ready for the winter months to come.

I found a website that shows how to build a winter shelter for feral cats. You can see what they suggest at

Here are some pictures of the winter shelter I made for Mr. Astaire. The boxes are spare plastic totes I had. One of them was clear so I painted the outside with brown spray paint (garage sale specials). I had some Styrofoam  insulation pieces from the set the “Hamlet” we did at the university. I lined the front and back with those. Attached the totes at the opening holes with duck tape and stuffed straw between both totes.

I put another panel of Styrofoam insulation between the two tops. I placed the shelter under a window but the opening was still exposed to possible rain so I added a little overhang from another plastic tote top. The back of the shelter faces the westwind and the opening faces north but it is behind the entry steps so I think he will be protected. I put straw inside and all around the shelter on the ground. I don’t know if he has gone inside but I can see little round impressions in the straw outside the shelter so I think he has been sleeping near the shelter at night. It is still pretty warm at night so he might not need the warmth of the shelter yet.

He is well protected from large wild animals because it is hidden behind the rose bushes (I have the thorn punctures to prove it.) I sprayed the inside straw with a mixture of cedar, eucalyptus oils and water to control fleas and ticks. He has quick access to his feeders on the front porch. He still loves sleeping on the front porch in the bottom half of his travel kennel (hard to believe it took me so long to get him to get into it in the first place). But he is a smart cat so he will go inside the shelter when it gets too cold.

He checked it out once I got it into place. He turned and looked at me and said,”Where is the dance floor?”

Here are the pictures of what I did and where I located his “mansion”.

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