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On the Other Hand

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on July 18, 2009

I called the auction guy and he said I didn’t have enough stuff to auction – can you believe that? So I took a break last weekend and didn’t sit out in the garage for two or three days. Instead I went on-line and started selling our books. That ended up being a week long project but I sold a TON of books. If you need to know what to do email me. It isn’t that profitable but it won’t take as long as having people come through and buy one or two books from the hundreds we have. I have a guy coming out next week who seems interested in buying a bunch of books so cross your fingers.

So what else is new? Fred Astaire is warming up to me – or at least likes the food I have been serving him. He is letting me touch his ears while he eats. This morning he was out at the street and I called him and he came running all the way to the front porch. He loves it when I do the garage sale because all day long he watches the cars come up the driveway and then he comes and visits me after people leave to see what I have sold.

So that’s about it for me. I’ve had a few calls about the house but no offers yet. I put an ad in the paper this weekend so maybe I will get a few more interested parties.

I hope everyone is having a good summer. Stay in touch.


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Enough is Enough

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on July 7, 2009

I am finished with this garage sale business. Yesterday I spent the entire day in the garage without one single customer or sale (the first time since the start of this project). I see that as a sign that it is time to try something new.

I did set up a CD player I have for sale and put on some of my favorite music so I was able to sing at the top of my lungs (Fergus was at work so there was no one to bother except the birds and the cat). I danced to the music of Gloria Estefon and Micheal Jackson, so I got some exercise, and I rearranged the mess in the garage. It was a productive day but not a profitable day. 

Today I am going to call the auction company and set up a final auction sale to get rid of the rest. I want to focus my energy on packing and selling the house. Here are final pictures of the inside of the garage (before the rearrangement). After the auction I hope to show you a garage with two cars parked inside.

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Trent -The artist

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on July 3, 2009

Cooper’s foster human brother drew some pictures of Cooper and Bean Sidhe and they are fantastic. I guess you would have to know the kids to really appreciate Trent’s ability but their likeness is amazing. If you send these to anyone please give Trent Patience credit as the artist.

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