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Profitable Day in the Driveway

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 25, 2009

I didn’t have as heavy of traffic today at the garage sale but it was more profitable: I sold the extra fridge, washer and dryer set and a ton of children’s books I had left over from Pages.

It kind of reminded me of the days at the bookstore. All day long I cleaned, unboxed merchandise (in this case it was boxes from the basement or the storage shed), I arranged and rearranged shelves for the best “look”, I grouped similar items areas, I priced merchandise but mostly I reminisced about where an item from a box or plastic tote came from and decided what to sell and which to box back up to take with us.

I found a box of 45RPM  records that Danny and I had as kids. I remember the last time I saw them was during “Cruise Night” in Emmett and I decorated the store with records hanging in the window. I even found  “Rock n’Roll” Trivia questions for the contest I was sponsoring at the store. Those were great times.

Most of I all I visited with new people I had never met. Some people just wanted to browse and pick up a cheap rake or a candle or two. Others sat down and really visited for “hours” no kidding!! I met Amy from down the road and we had a really long visit. When she left she said, “I can’t believe after all these years of you living here I finally met you and you are going to leave. I’m going make the most of the time we have before you move.”  I was almost in tears when she drove away.

A really nice family came by because they saw the “Yard Sale” signs I posted on the road. They said they also heard about it from some other friends who came by yesterday. They said they had to stop for sure when they saw the sign at our driveway – here it is;

The road to our house.

The road to our house.

They have an Airedale named Chester!  We had lots to talk about. They wanted to hear all about the kids and they told me how they got Chester – not quite a rescue dog but close – a dog in need of a family and a family in need of an Airedale.  Another happy Airedale-ever-after ending!

The best part is that I had THREE people talk to me about buying the house. These people are serious, too. I haven’t even placed a “for sale by owner” ad or post a sign. One man came back and brought his wife  back (you know they are serious when they do that). One lady said that they would be interested in buying some acreage from us if we find someone who only wants the house and some yard. Wow, I can’t believe it.

Fergus worked a 24 hour shift (that’s one reason I want us to go back to OZ – no 24 hour shifts) when he got home in the morning he slept for a few hours and then helped by bringing more boxes up from the basement. He fixed me lunch, went grocery shopping and at “wine o’clock” brought me a glass of wine while my last customer was loading the fridge, washer and dryer into his pick-up truck. What a day. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and the sale continues.


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