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The World Gets Smaller Every Day

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 20, 2011

Through our Airedale connections I have met a woman from South Africa. Her husband and kids will be moving to Canberra in July. I’ve been emailing her about places in Canberra that were our favorites, places to look for housing etc. This is so exciting. They wanted to move to Adelaide but for now have to go to Canberra. Just discussing with her about things to do there made me very “homesick” for the place – odd isn’t it?

We’ve gotten some very sweet emails from our friends in Australia. It is the first time that we’ve moved that I have felt like we were going towards something rather than leaving something behind. I will miss people and things in Kansas (not tornadoes that’s for sure) but I am not leaving with dread in my heart and the sinking feeling in my stomach like I had when leaving Idaho.

So every day I pack a little, toss out a lot, separate Goodwill donations, library donations and pile up things to give to friends. Sorting my life one room at a time. And as the stuff my life slowly gets smaller my world is rapidly getting bigger.


One Response to “The World Gets Smaller Every Day”

  1. chris said

    Thanks for updating the blog and keeping us posted. I’ve been wondering how this process feels for you.

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