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31 days and counting

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 16, 2011

In approximately 31 days we will be arriving in Australia (I say approximately because of losing a day when we cross the International dateline). Thanks for all the well wishes I have gotten since my last post. I am so relieved that it is finally happening but the reality of the task at hand is beginning to sink in. There are boxes EVERYWHERE. Every day I am throwing out bags of trash – how did we accumulate so much stuff in just two years. The movers came last week to write up an estimate and we should have the results of that soon. The kids’ flights are booked, they leave on Sunday June 5.

I am taking some time to visit friends here. Sharon and I are taking a quick quilt class this week. We are trying to get together with Fergus’ friend Rod from medical school and his wife Marina before we leave.

Fergus has a few days off this week and then is working pretty solid until the first of June. In the meantime he is working on selling the big items like our cars and the exercise equipment. We met with Ryan and Rhonda the nice young couple who will be buying the house and all the papers have been signed. They are as anxious to get into the house as we are to leave.

The “kids” are really unsure what is happening around here, lots of strangers visiting, boxes everywhere and worst of all,  SUITCASES!!! They know what that means. Only this time they won’t be going to the kennel (they don’t know that yet.)

So that’s what’s happening here.


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