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The New Adventures of Old Anne Marie

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 11, 2011

FINALLY, we have news. I haven’t posted because I got tired of not having anything new to say about our Australian move. We did do some cool things since my last post. I never finished loading the pictures from Belgium. We had a quick short trip to Washington DC which was fantastic. And then we went to Puerto Rico for about six days and met up there with Danny, Chris and Curtis. It was all lovely and the weather was fantastic.

But the main thing on our minds and in our plans was getting everything for Australia. The visas have finally been approved, flights have been booked and we will be on our way….. JUNE 14, 2011. A little over two years since we arrived home.

So far I am all smiles. The serious packing begins.

We have a couple who are going to “lease-to-own” the house. The dogs have their “permits” to be allowed into Australia. We are still working on flights for them. They are booked into the quarantine station in Melbourne. Fergus starts work on June 20 and I will begin searching for a house to rent.   I plan to have a guest room for ALL the visitors we will be having so start booking early.

We will be the Bay Area for a few days before we fly out on the 14th. I was hoping to get out to visit all my girlfriends in Washington (Carole & Marsha), Oregon (Janet & Britt), Idaho (Kelly & Anna)  & California (Polly, Peggy, Linda & Justina)  before we left but now that the Visas have come through there is still so much that has to be done before I can leave Kansas.

I will have a chance to see Judy because she lives near Fergus’ parents – so Judy let’s make a date, okay?

We will be able to go to Curtis’ high school graduation, visit with Fergus’ parents and Scott before we leave. It will be a whirlwind weekend.

Thanks everyone for hanging in there with us. I’ll keep posting to the blog as the adventure begins to unfold.

Love, Anne Marie


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