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Belgium Memories #2 – Beautiful Baby

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on March 19, 2011

We wanted to get to meet Paco before he grew up and it was love at first sight. He is four months old now and is a happy, smiley, easy baby. He laughs and is curious, always looking around and noticing sights and sounds. Now I don’t have much experience with babies but he is just perfect.

Papa, Paco, and Granny.

Leslie and Manu have a darling house in Ways near Waterloo. They have done some remodeling and have wonderful plans for converting the attic into a master bed and bath.  I forgot to take pictures, it was cold outside and although we did many day trips to chateaus, abbeys, the university and shopping, once we got home we just wanted to get inside and get warm. Many of these places were in the central area of Belgium. The area is beautiful. It is green and I can imagine what it would look like with the flowers in the spring. Next trip for sure.

We spent one day in Brussels with Manu and Paco. We walked around the quaint streets and visited the plaza with these fantastic ornate architecture. We also had to visit the famous fountain, Mannikin Pis – the peeing little boy. Everywhere you go they have souvenirs of this little guy and when I finally saw it I had to laugh – Much Ado About Nothing – the fountain is so small if there weren’t crowds all around it I would have walked right by it – LOL.

This is it.


One Response to “Belgium Memories #2 – Beautiful Baby”

  1. Justina said

    Beautiful baby boy! I’m so glad you guys were able to go and meet him. Belgium sounds lovely. And that’s funny about the fountain. Isn’t it funny how often that happens? Something seems like a big deal and then you finally see it and it’s anti-climactic. Ha! Still, it all sounds like a great trip! Looking forward to the rest of the updates!

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