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So here’s what’s new.

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on October 30, 2010

I promised I’d get this need blog out before the end of October and here it is already October 29!!!! Where does the time go?

Leslie and Manu’s baby, Paco was born about a month early on October 3. He was in the neonatal unit for a while but he is home now and is doing really well. We can’t wait to visit them in Belgium. We don’t know when that will be but it has to be soon. Here are some pictures. He had to have some surgery on his forehead but he is fine.


Paco with Daddy.

Mommy and baby.


We love getting pictures.  We see the changes in him every week.

I went to Montgomery, Pennsylvania for the dog shows where the Airedale Rescue quilts were raffled.  After working on the “Airedales Downunder” I couldn’t bear to just mail it off into the world without being there through the entire process – concept to handover. If you didn’t have a chance to see the quilt that Jenny, Sue and I made look back a few blog entries for Airedales Downunder it will link you to the YouTube video I made.

I hung out with Marianne, a friend of Sue’s.  She picked me up at the airport, drove us everywhere. We sold tickets all weekend at the different dog show venues. It was a long tiring weekend but well worth the trip.  Here are some pics of the weekend.

Me and our wall hanging.

The main quilt -A is for Airedale-very cute.

Parading the quilts before the drawing.

I was so excited because I sold the tickets to the woman who won our wall hanging. It made the entire trip worth it because even though she wasn’t there the final day to take it home, I met her and helped her fill out her tickets and liked her and I know that “Airedales Downunder ” went to a nice lady.


The contract from Adelaide arrived and we are in the process of gathering all the paper work they require. That’s only for the hospital we haven’t even gotten immigration papers yet. We are plodding along and haven’t given up that this might really happen.


We have a couple of people interested in the house. One young couple who may have to rent-to-own since the land that they need to sell for a down payment isn’t selling for the amount they are asking. Another couple looked at it yesterday – their second visit – and seem to be serious.


Since making the wall hanging, and two baby quilts one for Dax and one for Paco, I have gotten the quilting bug. I know, I know, Fergus says quilting is for old ladies but I am loving it. I took a class at my local quilt shop and made a sampler quilt, at the same time I worked on a quilt using Australian Aboriginal inspired fabrics and I took a second class on how to make a quilt with circles. I had that one – which I call “Sun-Kissed Garden” professionally quilted. The other two I will attempt to quilt my self – a bit scary. Here are pictures of  the finished quilt , the Aussie quilt and the class “Sampler” quilt tops.

Completed "Sun-Kissed Garden" and matching pillow cases.

Class sampler - too ig to get into one picture.

Close up of the applique border of morning glories.











The center blocks of the Australian quilt which I am calling "Dreamtime".

These two quilts are for a king size bed so I can’t get the entire quilt in the picture but you get the idea. These tops still need to be quilted. I was doing a lot of quilting but now that the weather is cooling down and it has been tolerable to work in the yard.  Time to get prepared for winter.

So there you have it. See you November.


One Response to “So here’s what’s new.”

  1. Justina said

    Paco is gorgeous! I love the name too. Congrats to the growing family!

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