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Where has the time gone?

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on October 23, 2010

So much has happened since I last updated my blog. Some of the hold up was computer problems but the rest is just plain laziness and other things getting in the way. Here are the highlights in a nutshell with pictures.

I went to California in September to visit family and Fergus has a fraternity reunion at US Santa Barbara. I drove up to see my niece Linda, who is going through chemo-therapy for an aggressive uterine cancer. I met her partner Jackie for the first time. They are both lovely and I had a wonderful visit.

Sunny, Jackie and Linda

Linda and I picking flowers at the community garden they belong to.









On the way back to the Bay Area I stopped in Santa Rosa and had lunch with Paul Haut and his partner, Todd. I have known Paul since the second grade and we have always had a special friendship all these years. We had a blast reminiscing about school and old friends.  Paul and Todd will be moving to Hawaii soon, I’m glad we had a chance to see each other again before we are all so far away.

Todd, me and Paul.

We stayed at Fergus’ Mom and Dad’s house. Here is a picture of them.

Martin and Maragret

We had lunch one day with Scott, Fergus’ oldest friend and Best Man at our wedding. We forgot to take a picture.

We drove down to Santa Barbara for the weekend and Fergus spent three days of reunion fun for his college fraternity.  He was so happy and enjoyed seeing his old frat buddies. It was kick for me to see him so animated, relaxed and excited to see people. One day while he was at the frat house for breakfast, I visited my great-niece Justina, Bihn and baby Dax, my great-great- nephew.

Dax, isn't he cute?

The Happy Family

Justina and I took a drive to the cemetery in Goleta to see Mom and Dads burial sites and Justina found her mother’s father’s grave site. It was a bit of a search but I’m glad we did it.  It’s been along time since I was there so I couldn’t remember exactly where it was. Justina has good eyes so she spotted them eventually.








On our last night in Santa Barbara we had dinner with our friends, Jan and Dan. It was so nice seeing them.We laughed and even shed a few tears.

Dan and Jan

Brother Danny and Chris had an early surprise birthday party for me.

The Big 60!

Curtis and Chris

Me and Danny











Fergus and I celebrated my actual Birthday back in Wichita – a day late because he had to work – at our favorite restaurant, Chester’s.

I only look a day over 60.

And there you have it – September 2010 – in a nut shell. Every day and each person mentioned deserved a complete blog entry of its own.  I so loved the visits with my friends and family. The drive up and down the California coast was so beautiful and brought back so many memories. Saying what might be my last good-bye to Mom and Dad was special and sweetened even more having shared it with Justina whom I have become so attached to. Seeing “niblings”, a word that Paul coined that refers to nieces and nephews of both sexes, is always a joy. Seeing Fergus so happy seeing his friends from college and Dan, Jan and Scott, was a highlight of the trip for me. Laughing with Linda and telling her stories of Mom and Dad was bittersweet. She is so strong and brave, a true inspiration to her old Auntie Anne Marie. And always feeling like I am coming home when I visit Danny and Chris. And sharing most of this with Fergus. I am one lucky lady.

I promise to write October’s blog before November rolls around. There is much to tell…a new baby, a trip to Philadelphia, completed quilts and, ta-da –  THE CONTACT ARRIVED. Stay tuned.


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