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Jesse and Luisa’s Wedding

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on August 9, 2010

Jesse and Luisa Sullivan

My  great nephew Jesse Sullivan, my sister Margie’s grandson, got married this past weekend. It was a great weekend with an opportunity to see some of my nieces, two new great-grand nephews, a great grand niece and my siblings.

We had a terrific time just hanging out, reminiscing and laughing. We spent much of time trying to get facts straight about the past, trips we took as kids, people our parents knew and who there were, when we lived and where at different times. It was funny. Since I was the youngest most of their memories were way before I was even born.

Dallas, Texas is pretty hot this time of year but is wasn’t as bad for me coming from Kansas since it has been pretty hot there too. My niece, Janet and her husband Mark came from Oregon. It was the first time I got to meet Mark and he was a trooper to put up with the likes of us. He fit right in giving it right back to us jab for jab.

Alora and Uncle Mark

Justina, her husband Bihn, and their new baby Dax where there. I have pictures of Justina and her family after Dax was born but here is one of them at the wedding.

Dax, Justina and Bihn

I also meet Kara who I hadn’t seen since she was a baby. She lives in Texas was there with her little girl Alora and her new son, Xavier and her husband, Tony. We were relaxing by the pool the morning of the wedding.

Kara, Xavier and Janet

Jesse is my sister’s oldest son John’s youngest child. John died quite a few years ago and his kids have been living in Texas for a long time so we didn’t really see them much when they were growing up. It is nice to see what a nice young man he is and how much he looks like my nephew John, his dad.

Marge and her great grandson, Xavier

The bride, Luisa was a bit shy with all of the Serrano’s around but I think Jesse was pleased to have some family from his Dad’s side there.

Bob, John and Danny

It might be a long time before my brothers and sister and I all see each other all together. We are planning it already – 2013 for my sister’s 80th birthday. In the meantime we had a terrific time just hanging out, reminiscing, and laughing.


5 Responses to “Jesse and Luisa’s Wedding”

  1. Leslie said

    Well, seems like you had a lot of fun! Hard to follow who’s who, you should make a family tree 😉
    Take care,

  2. Justina said

    We have a family tree on… I wonder if there’s a way of posting a link or a screenshot of it here. Let me try to draw something out:

    Marge / John / Bob / Danny / Anne Marie
    Janet + Mark / John + Vicki / Ed / Steve
    Justina + Binh / Kara + Tony / Jesse + Luisa
    | |
    Dax Alora / Xavier

    I hope I didn’t just make it more confusing!

    Great post, Anne Marie, and great pics! It was so great to see everyone, I’m thrilled that you all made the trip. It’s true that we don’t see each other often enough, and it’s always a treat to see all of you siblings together. I am so proud of the man my baby brother has become, and Kara is my best friend. Siblings are the best!

    • Thanks Justina, I hope that helps a little bit Leslie – that’s only one of my siblings’ tree. We need a complete tree (hint, hint, Justina) someday but that would take a spread sheet.

      • Justina said

        Ha ha, yeah, I only included people you talked about in the post. A full one would be huge. You’ve seen the one, right?

  3. Justina said

    Hmm, some of the tree got messed up. Dax is mine, Alora and Xavier are Kara’s. Also, I am John and Vicki’s daughter, not Janet’s. Otherwise all of the siblings are listed in chronological order.

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