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Why I Hate To Travel

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on July 7, 2010

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to new places, it’s the “getting” there that I hate.

Forget the usual annoyances, i.e. taking your shoes off going through security, not being able to bring a bottle of water on the plane, cramped seats, crying babies etc. I’m talking about the DENVER airport!

It didn’t start off to well. The plane in Wichita was delayed because of  a “mechanical” problem so we had to sit on the plane for an hour and 1/2 before we could take off…”no problems” said the, in his, by now, irritating overly cheerful voice, “he would make up the time in flight.” Not quite possible since it is only an hour flight.

True to his word he went fast but only to have to circle over the Denver Airport because of thunderstorms they weren’t letting any planes land or depart. So we did this for a FEW hours more until he started to run out of fuel.

So we flew a little further west to Grand Junction to refuel and sit on the tarmac until we got word from Denver that we could come on back. They were so nice they showed us a movie while we waited, everyone on the plane had a chance to use the toilet, all the crying babies had their diapers changed, we got FREE water, juice or soda – no wine since we were on the ground.

Now it is about 9 pm Denver time – we should have arrived at 4:30pm. Oh that’s okay Grand Junction is only a half hour flight to Denver – going east – the opposite way we want to go.

By the time we arrive in Denver at 9:30 there are on more flights to LA, the customer “dis”service  has a line that circles the Denver concourse so long it looked like a line for tickets for a Rolling Stones concert. The ticket desks just kept telling us to call the United 800 number since they didn’t have any information about flights. HUH?

To make this long story short- we missed our connection to Qantas in LA, we had to stand in line for hours, literally, to get a hotel for the night, we were on two cells phones with United and Qantas to make alternate arrangements, we had to wait for what seemed like FOREVER for the shuttle to take us to the hotel which was probably 1/2 away.

We were in bed by 2am. And only one hour flying time from Wichita.

So this morning we are up and at it again!  “Australia or Bust”! as they say. Today the weather here in Denver looks good, we have tickets for LA and new itinerary for Australia – LA to Brisbane then to Adelaide. We will be a day late and a bit more travel-worn but they can’t keep us down.

This is the second time I have been stranded in Dever due to weather – in the winter it’s the snowstorms in the summer it is thunderstorms. Why would anyone build an airport in a place so unsuitable for airplanes?

We are getting ready to board our flight to LA. I’ll write more later.

Next installment I hope I can bring you more positive news.


One Response to “Why I Hate To Travel”

  1. Leslie said

    Well, that is quite an adventure! Hope you finally arrived well in Oz. Enjoy your short trip overthere and keep us advised!
    Take care.

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