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Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 13, 2010

This all happened late last night. Fergus got a reply yesterday from a director of two hospitals in Adelaide. They had a nice long phone conversation and today they emailed some info about the job.  Fergus and I will be able to discuss it when he gets home from work. It sounds promising. They will help with relocation expenses, housing for six weeks until we find something to rent or buy, a car for a couple of weeks, etc. They will fly us out for a one week to visit and look around and meet staff and check out the area.

They also have an agency that will help us with the immigration process. He said the only thing that might be a problem is, ready for this…proving we speak English. That is a new immigration requirement but they haven’t figure out any way to prove it other than us taking a test. Don’t you love it!!! I will let you know more as soon as I know. He is having their recruiting person call us tomorrow to fill in the details and answer any questions we have. IT JUST MIGHT HAPPEN AFTER ALL. So keep checking in on the New Adventures of Anne Marie’s Australian Adventure , Part II continues.


3 Responses to “NEWS FINALLY!!!!”

  1. Leslie said


  2. Justina said

    GREAT news!! And that is hilarious about the English thing. I don’t know, I think you might want to study for that one! 😉

    I forget, where were you during your year over there? I was checking out Adelaide on a map, is it where you want to be? It’s right on the coast so I bet it’s lovely. Crossing my fingers for you guys!

  3. Duke and Zena said

    Hi Paws arnie AM Mum has been telling us all about your and Fergus and COOPER and BS. Cooper is larger than live in this house. Cant wait to meet you both really soon

    licks and nosepokes
    The Duke of Lilydale
    Zena the little Princess

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