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Too Much Sadness

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on February 20, 2010

I don’t like to add sad or upsetting items in my blog but I have been so disturbed by recent events that I thought I should probably write about them. In the past three weeks I have learned of the deaths of three people I have known.

A few weeks ago I was reading a novel by an Australian author about a guy who surfs. It got me thinking about my old boyfriend, Mark. He loved to surf. One morning I was listening to an oldies station on the radio and they played a song that again triggered my memories of him. So I googled his name to see if had a Facebook or a blog. All I found was an obituary from 2005. Of course obits don’t say anything about cause of death and he was still to young to have died of “natural causes”.  After spending a day trying to track down his brothers I was able to talk with his ex-wife, Karen.

There are some differences of opinion about what happened but it seems he died of an overdose of pain pills and possibly alcohol. For those of you who knew Mark please write and I will tell you more. It was disturbing because it happened almost 5 years ago and although I haven’t spoken to Mark in over 17 years it still is weird to imagine that towards the end of his life he wasn’t the same life-loving young man I knew.

The second loss was my good friend Judy’s mother death. For those of you who have been reading about our Australian Adventure from the start may remember we visited Judy’s parents on our stop in LA before flying to Sydney. Jane was frail at that time so I suspected she was ill. I am so glad we had a chance to visit with her and that I had a chance to tell her and AD how much they meant to me. They treated me like a second daughter. Death is sad even when it inevitable.

But tragic death is the hardest of all. Last weekend my newest friend, Mary Beth was “allegedly” murdered by her husband and he is in the hospital in critical condition from an apparent suicide attempt. I introduced you to the couple last summer after I met her during my garage sales. This has been such a shock for this small community. I have talked with mutual friends and no one had any suspicion that there was any trouble with their relationship. They have been together since high school or early college – 30 years. They were trying to adopt an baby.

We may never know why this has happened. Her husband shot her and then tried to commit suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Fergus said that even if he lives he will probably be brain damaged.

When I think  of the lovely dinners we had a their house, their four beautiful dogs, their fluffy white cat, Mary Beth’s vivaciousness, it brings tears. How could something like this happen? There were no signs.

So there you have it. Too much sadness for one month.


6 Responses to “Too Much Sadness”

  1. Chris S. said

    I’m so sorry. I find it so hard to deal with these spells of sad happenings. Thinking of you.

  2. Justina said

    Wow, that is a lot to deal with in a short time. I have also heard of 3 people’s passing in the past few weeks, all close to my age. One was the younger sister of a high school classmate of mine, she died of colon cancer a month ago in her early 30’s. Another was my cousin’s ex-fiance, he was killed the same night the other woman died, in a hit and run car accident. He was a pedestrian. In his late 30’s. The third I just found out about an hour ago. She was a school classmate of mine, and passed away on Monday after battling a seizure disorder. We had just been in touch too because she liked some photos I posted online. Why do these things seem to come in threes? Hopefully that will be it for sad news for both of us for a while. Hugs to you.

    • Justina, My friend Misty said the same thing about “threes” and that for now there should be a let up on terrible things happening. Let’s hope so. I want to add some positive stuff to my blog, can I post your pregnancy pic? Love, Anne Marie

  3. Justina said

    Absolutely! Babies are always a good way to balance out the not-so-fun parts of life. I’ll send you the latest. 🙂

  4. Leslie said

    Wow, seems like 2010 did not start well but no doubt that the rest of the year will be brigther and better! Take care!

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