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Australia Update, part 1

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on December 2, 2009

Here is the latest update in our efforts to return to Australia. The ACEM – college of emergency medicine – has approved Fergus for temporary status as a Specialist  with a requirement of six months supervision, three in ICU and three in the Emergency department before they will grant permanent status. The next step is he needs to go back to the hospitals who offered him jobs and see if they will take him AND let him work in both departments plus supervise him. This might be glitch in the process because he will need to find a hospital that will allow this and that may be tricky. His best hope is Canberra Hospital because they know him already.

Once he completes the six months then he will be free to practice pretty much anywhere in Australia. We don’t know yet is this will be approved by immigration. We are getting close to the age cut off which feels awful since we FEEL young and are very healthy but we still may be refused.

I will continue to post updates as we find out more information. Cross your fingers all goes well.

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