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Quick Note from Downunder

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on October 2, 2009

We arrived safely on Wednesday morning but feeling a bit out of sorts after 26 + hours of traveling. Eric and Helen picked us up at the airport and had us back to their place in no time where the kids were there waiting for us. It was a wonderful reunion – they hadn’t forgotten who we were.

Yesterday we hung around their house, took a walk with the kids, took a drive to one of the wonderful local wineries and just relaxed. We have few plans other than visiting Bill and Sue in Dixon’s Creek, Jenny and Gary towards the end of next week and Fergus’ interview on Tuesday. We want to do a little sightseeing of some places in Victoria that we didn’t get around when we were here before.

We saw an echidna in the wild yesterday when we were driving around. I will post his picture in another entry.

The weather has been good, a bit colder than Kansas and today it is a little misty but we are well and happy to be back. I have limited access to a computer and the internet so I will try to keep you posted if we have any exciting news.

2 Responses to “Quick Note from Downunder”

  1. Justina said

    Happy travels! And happy belated birthday! I was thinking of you!!!

  2. Leslie said

    I was wondering how was the trip and if you did arrive well but got my answer when checking the blog. Always good to have some news! Enjoy your trip downunder!

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