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Flower Beds and Fences

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on September 24, 2009

I continued to work on the flower beds I created from the torn down chicken shed. I fenced it in and planted some spring bulbs and fall pansies. Two of the beds on the right are vacant and I will plant some shade flowers in the spring. The dark spots without mulch still need some tall growing bulbs.

The old chicken shed/new flower bed.

The old chicken shed/new flower bed.

Pansies for fall - bulbs for the spring.

Pansies for fall - bulbs for the spring.

We are going to Australia next week for Fergus’ interview with the Australian College of Emergency Physicians. They told him that it could be as long as three months before they can tell him their decision. We decided to bring the dogs back to Kansas since it might be three months and no telling how long the immigration process may take. It is too much to ask BS and Cooper’s foster families to care for them any longer and we miss them too much to go for possibly another 6 months without them.

So I decided we need to fence the yard. They have lived in a fenced yard for over a year and 1/2. I worry about Cooper chasing cars down the driveway like he use to and getting hurt now that he is older and not as likely to recover from any injuries. I also worry with potential buyers coming to look at the house that he will be too aggressive towards strangers.

We put up a nice decorative fence at the driveway and an almost invisible wire fence around a large area of the back yard. I hope this will stop them from roaming too far from home once they return. No “walkabouts” allowed in Kansas.

Rod Iron fence near the driveway

Rod Iron fence near the driveway

The fence is almost invisible from the house.
The fence is almost invisible from the house.

The wire fence is attached to the five trees in a row in the background. I hope it will keep them safe. Of course they like to dig so we will have to make sure they don’t go under like in The Great Escape.

3 Responses to “Flower Beds and Fences”

  1. Cooper said

    Hi Mom

    I just love what you have done with the flower beds but NOT sure about the fence this is meant to keep me in. You look like you have worked very very hard since I last saw you and Aunty Jen says it is not long till I get to give you and Dad great big cuddles and lots of sloppy kisses.

    Missing you both very much
    love your boy Cooper
    xxxx licks, sniffs and tummy rubs (for me of course!)

  2. Leslie said

    Nice job with the garden!
    Have a good trip to Australia.

  3. Chris S. said

    Thanks for posting!! We’ve been wondering where you would be for your birthday. We’ll skype or phone over the weekend.

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