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Weekend Project

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on September 14, 2009

So I got an estimate from a local handyman to demolish an old chicken shed in the backyard. This shed hasn’t been used for a long time and it was in pretty bad shape. While we were in Australia the east wall finally fell down. It’s a nice haven for spiders and snakes.

Well after I got the estimate I figured,”No way, I can do this myself for just the cost of a Bobcat (which I am very experienced at using) and a few hours of my time.” It only took me all day Saturday and Sunday but I did it. I even pulled up a dead tree, pulled down dead hanging limbs, scraped the driveway and filled pot holes in the driveway. Money well spent on the Bobcat – I think I want one all of my own.

I left the bottom row of bricks. It will make a nice bed for flowers or veggies. I can get some chicken wire to keep the rabbits and other creatures out of the bed. I have been wanting to do this for years. I will feel it tomorrow, the concrete blocks didn’t scoop up easily into the Bobcat so I had to pick most of them up and put them in the bucket but at least I didn’t have to use a wheelbarrow to haul them away.

Here are some before and after pictures. Once I get the chicken wire up I will add more pictures. As you can see I torn up the lawn pretty good because the ground was still wet from all the rain we recently had but if I throw some seed down soon it will grow back fairly quickly.

Freddie, the cat came by a few times to check on my progress. He said, “Nice litter box you are making for me.”  Once the Bobcat was revved up again he was on is way back to the front porch.


2 Responses to “Weekend Project”

  1. Leslie said

    You are keeping busy, aren’t you? Nice job!

  2. Chris S. said

    Looks like more than a “shed” to me!! Just like our CA lakes are ponds in the east coast.
    Way to go!!

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