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Two Car Garage

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on September 9, 2009

Our garage actually can hold two cars. I know because I was finally able to put both of them in there. Most of the leftover garage sale items went to the auction house for last Saturday’s auction. And some of the garage shelves were picked up by the guy who bought them.  So there is room for the cars but not much room to open the doors.

When we get back from Fergus’ interview at the beginning of October I will know if I need to have a couple of more garage sales to get rid the things we have been using but won’t take with us: microwave, washer & dryer etc.

The leftover books were donated to the two local libraries for their fundraisers. The rest of the stuff in the garage are gardening items we still need to use and boxes of things we will be taking with us.

It feels good not to be hanging out in the garage on my weekends. Of course this weekend it rained so I spend most of the weekend indoors.


One Response to “Two Car Garage”

  1. Leslie said

    When are you going to Australia for the interviews? I bet you are excited to see the kids again!
    Enjoy it.

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