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Eggplant Dip Follow-up

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on September 1, 2009

Several of you were curious enough to ask if the eggplant dip was a culinary success. It disturbs me deeply to say Fergus loved it, “One of the best things you’ve ever made.” Not saying much since the only things I’ve cooked that he likes is an occasional grilled steak and my masterpiece – Salmon with butter, lemon and caper sauce.

I’ll be happy to share that recipe: melt butter (any kind of butter even margarine works but not as tasty) and freshly squeezed  juice from two lemons in a pyrex measuring cup and MICROWAVE until the butter melts, scoop in some capers to your liking “we don’t need no stinking measuring spoons.”, Place salmon(fillets are better than steaks, less bones) in a pyrex baking dish and pour butter mixture over it, cover with plastic wrap and cook it in the MICROWAVE until cooked.  Total cooking time 10 minutes, clean up a total of 3 utensils  (knife to scoop out the butter, reused to stir in the capers, measuring cup and baking dish.

If you are feeling “gourmand” make some rice (in a rice cooker of course) and scoop some rice on a plate and slap the salmon steak next to it and…

“Bon Appetite”


3 Responses to “Eggplant Dip Follow-up”

  1. Chris S. said

    and where are the vegetables??

  2. Justina said

    You are hilarious! I think you might hate cooking even more than I do! (We don’t even own a microwave… I know, the horror!)

  3. Leslie said

    It was worth all the efforts, Fergus liked it!
    Now, isn’t microwave a wonderful invention ;-)?

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