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No New News

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 29, 2009

Everything is the same here. I am still doing the garage sale every weekend and have almost all the stuff out the the house, storage shed, and basement that I want to get rid of.

I shipped some things to my friend Kelly in Idaho, mostly decorative fabric for her annual Snow Ball, and some Christmas decorations that I had for sale at Pages, my book store in Emmett. I sent a box of my favorite novels to Sue in Australia adn a few items to Cooper’s foster family. Fergus sent some Sci Fi books to Curtis in California.

If anyone wants something let me know before I pack it all up to ship or for Goodwill. I’m thinking about having an auction and just getting rid of the rest in one full swoop. I will call the auction people this week and see how quickly that can be done.

I have the house listed on a For Sale By Owner site. I’ve had three couples come and look at the house but no offers just yet.

It has been incredibly hot here the last few days so being in the garage has been like baking in an oven at 100 degrees for eleven hours. I am sweating off the pounds – which in itself is not a bad thing. I lost a lot of weight before we went to Australia and while we were there it started to creep back up (especially after we finally got a car and I wasn’t walking everywhere and we were finding all those great places to eat). Since we’ve been back I have been getting back to my pre-trip weight and feel much better.

This afternoon we are going to see “Camelot” at Music Theatre of Wichita. We have had season tickets since we first moved here. We have Sunday matinee seats and then we go out to dinner – our only real date night. I’ll let you know how it was. I’ve seen Camelot on stage three times before once with Richard Harris as Arthur and once with Robert Goulet as Arthur. There won’t be any “famous” stars in this one but MTW puts on really good Broadway quality shows. Friends of mine work on the shows as costumers, set builders and occasionally performers so it is always a treat to see their names in the playbill. You can check out their website here MTW.


One Response to “No New News”

  1. Chris S. said

    I’ll let Danny know and see if there’s things he has to have. I don’t want anymore stuff but I don’t want him to be mad at you either!!

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