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House for Sale

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 22, 2009

This week I was finally feeling that the house was in shape to show it. So I put “For Sale” signs out at the road and in front of the house. I got 2 calls on the first day for two couples to come and look at the house. I know that the times are hard but there are people who want acreage and a “newer” house and we have both.

I am feeling confident that our house will sell. I have priced it competitivelyand the house looks great – I had the carpets cleaned, I have removed all of our personal stuff – like the books tell you to do, and I have most of the boxes removed to storage. Tonight I had one couple come and look at it and they asked lots of good questions. I don’t think they were lookie – loos, I think they really wanted a larger house with more acrage.  Tomorrow the other couple is coming to see the house. Keep your finger’s crossed that  all of  these people are serious.


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