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Why did the turkey cross the road?

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 3, 2009

Turkey on the driveway.

Turkey on the driveway.

To get away from the hunters.

This time of year we hear lots of gun shots. No we aren’t in the ghetto and it isn’t the sound of a “Saturday Night Special” , it’s the hunters and their dreaded shotguns. The dogs hated it  – it’s almost as bad as fireworks. Because of that we get lots of turkeys on our property. We won’t let any one hunt in our fields. I always worry about someone accidentally shooting the dogs.

I tried to get closer to this turkey to take a better picture but as soon as I got close he flew off into the trees. A few years ago we got a beautiful tom turkey who was strutting around with his tail feathers in display. That was before we had a digital camera. If Isee one I will post a picture – they are very beautiful.

I’ve had lots of shoppers at the garage sale. There was a young couple you checked things out at a distance – they have some new babies in the crook of the raingutter so they took a quick break  to see what was happening below.

Do you see anything you like?

Do you see anything you like?

Some of my customers like to hop in around closing time when it isn’t so hot or busy. This one was hoping it was a farmer’s market with fresh veggies.
My most frequent customer is that cheeky cat “Freddy” – Mr. Fred Astaire in his tux and white tie. I don’t even know if he is a “he” but Freddy was very timid when I first saw him hanging around wondering who I was and what was I doing.
Dogs? What dogs?

Dogs? What dogs?

He is still very afraid of me but is warming up slowly – the kitty food is helping. I’m hoping he will keep the mice away since I don’t have my mighty hunter, Bean Shide patroling the area.
This isn’t like the wildlife photos we were taking in Australia but it’s all we’ve got for now. Tiny and not so tiny birds, hopping hares and feral cats. At least they know they are safe in our yard, the only shots they will get from us is a snapshot.
I'll just make myself comfortable on your back stairs.

I'll just make myself comfortable on your back stairs.


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