Anne Marie's Australian Adventure

Follow the Adventures of Anne Marie, Fergus, Cooper and Bean Sidhe in Australia!!


Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on June 3, 2009

Cooper and his foster family, Jenny, Gary and Lorna went to visit Bean Sidhe and her family, Helen, Eric, Emma and Teddy last Sunday. It sounds like they had a great time. We were able to see them when Jenny and Helen Skyped us. It was about noon their time and 9 pm our time. We were having a storm – what a surprise – wind and rain so the connection was choppy and it was hard to hear what Jenny was saying but we enjoyed it anyway.

Here are some pictures that Gary took of the reunion. They looked great. Cooper was decked out in his favorite blue collar and BS had a pretty red bandana. Teddy had a new haircut because he was the “host” of course. And Emma was just as pretty as can be with her blue scarf. It sounds like Cooper was overwhelmed with all the Airedales and humans around him and that he didn’t really spend any quality time with his baby sister. She of course was much more interested in what was happening at the BBQ. She knows what a great cook Uncle Eric is so she didn’t want to miss a thing.


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