Anne Marie's Australian Adventure

Follow the Adventures of Anne Marie, Fergus, Cooper and Bean Sidhe in Australia!!

The Adventure Continues

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 16, 2009

We finally got the internet satellite hooked up so I can catch you up on what is happening. We hear often from the “kids” and I will share their messages to us.

On April 30 – Helen reported that:

“All is well here. The 3 of them popped out for a little while this morning whilst sunny and then came in. Raining now .Bean Sidhe slept in her bed all night, they were all so tired no-one woke till gone 8am, and they only got out of bed for breakfast!
Bean Sidhe has mastered how to get on all 3 lounges, like Teddy she lumbers up and stretches out. Last night Emma wanted another game, but she pretended to be asleep on the lounge and Emma gave up.”

And on May 3 –

Helen reported – “All’s well here. BS had some time out in the garden with the others. She’s eaten all her dinner and had a game with Emma. We continued our ‘burn off’ until lunch time when we all went in and BS and I had a nap!”

And Jenny wrote to say “Iwent to bed early last night as I was tired after the weekend with Mum over and the hospital etc, Gary said when he came to bed Cooper was snuggled up on the bed with me sound asleep, then he slept on the mattress next to Gary as we all couldnt fit in the bed.  He gratefully woofed down his weetbix this morning after his liver balls and doggie choc chip cookie.  I bought them for our Tessa collie and now cannot break the habit with Fergus and Daisy who can’t wait to have one first thing in the morning.”

and later that day she wrote to say, “Just wanted to let you know that when I came in the door Cooper ran to me , tail wagging so fast and picked up his red and black toy to play tug of war –  then sat in front of me for a back massage, when Captain Fergus saw this going on and said “hey that is my massage you are getting! ” , so promptly sat next to Cooper and I gave them BOTH a back massage, with Daisy and Smudge waiting in line.
So funny and touching the two goof balls grinning ear to ear.

My heart knew then that he is going to be ok .

So I actually am going to thank you Anne Marie and Fergus for sharing your beautiful boy with us which is such a special thing with the trust.”

It is so good to hear how they are doing. They are with great families and we are very lucky to have found Sue and the Airedale Rescue group.


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