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Back in Kansas

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 16, 2009

We got back in Kansas on May 7. It’s spring and everything is green. Our first night back it stormed – rain, wind, power outage and even a small tornado – we are definitely back in Kansas.

The house was in pretty good shape. Our friend Alice came by a few days earlier and unpacked some essentials – bedding, dishes and the espresso machine. So it wasn’t too much of a shock coming home.

The next day we were able to get the home phone connected – we got the old number back but we had to get new cell numbers. Internet service took a little longer.

Here are some pictures of the old homestead.


One Response to “Back in Kansas”

  1. Chris S. said

    Thanks for writing. We’ve been wondering how it’s going both for the humans and the 4 leggeds. Probably a relatively good time of year to be back in Kansas??
    Chris and Danny

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