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A Few Words from the Kids

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 16, 2009

On May 7 we got a message from Cooper.

“Hi Mom and Dad

News news news!!!   last night I got a new bed right next to Fergus and just like his.  Jenny and Adam put it together for me just outside the kitchen door with thick foam , pillows and a doona with a cover –  I just love laying on my new bed but Fergus sleeps up the other end on his bed.  I think he snores…. he said I do!  

Now I can sleep inside or outside when I feel like it and Fergus doesn’t get grumpy.  It is really nice when the sun comes out and warms up our bed and is so snug as I sink into the foam.

Jenny is going to buy me some teddies and toys on the weekend as I love Daisy’s teddy and carry it around with me and take it to bed with me and we play tug of war with it but sadly it’s head is nearly off.

Daisy has gone to her Nans for 2 weeks so it is just me and Fergus to get all the pats.

Gotta go now as Jenny wants to do some work.

love you and miss you but hope my news brings a smile to your faces.

licks pawshakes and a wet nose

Cooper xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

And a few days later we heard from Bean Sidhe

“Hi Mom
Happy Mothers’ Day from ME down under.
I asked Eric to take my photo today, so I could send it to you on this special day. I love you lots Mom and look forward to seeing you soon.
I’m having a great time here. I’ve just been out to check the fruit trees I helped to plant and have a stroll in the sun.
Glad I missed the storm you had last night in USA. I’m so exhausted after a day of play, when my head hits the pillow I’m out for the night, and today, being Sunday, I had a lay in till 8.30am!
I’ll write again soon.
Lots of love and big licks
Bean Sidhe XXXXXX”

She even sent some pictures:


My Beautiful Baby on Mother's Day

My Beautiful Baby on Mother's Day


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