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Fostering the Fur-dales

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on May 4, 2009

Our last day in Canberra was Monday. After packing the SUV and doing the final cleaning of the house we hit the road. We loaded the kennels and boxes on the roof of the car, the back was filled to the ceiling with suitcases and there was enough room for the kids and their beds. We drove to the small town just over half way to Helen & Eric’s town and spent the night. It was a truckers motel, a bit shabby but it allowed two dogs and the owner was really very nice.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?


The next morning we headed towards Woodend – northwest of Melbourne – where Helen and Eric live. They have two Airedales, Teddy and Emma. They have a lovely house in the hills with a view of Macedon Mountain area. They have chickens and ducks and alpacas as well as many wild Aussie animals. Bean Sidhe got on well with her new foster brother and sister. Emma is two and a bundle of energy – she will be a good playmate to keep BS young – Teddy will keep her in her place.

Bean Sidhe's foster family

Bean Sidhe's foster family


Helen and Eric have an In-law unit attached to their house where we spent the night so we had our last night together as a family. We kept Cooper away from Teddy since Teddy doesn’t like other male dogs on his property. The next morning we drove to Lilydale which is east of Melbourne with Cooper and all his bedding and supplies.

Bean Sidhe loves to play with Emma & Teddy but Helen & Eric feed her.

Bean Sidhe loves to play with Emma & Teddy but Helen & Eric feed her.







Jenny, Gary, Trent, Adam and Lorna are a wonderful blended family who have a perfect house in a new housing development. It has a small yard but that’s great for Copper since he isn’t much for spending time outside. They have lots of loving hands to pet and massage Cooper. They all get down on the floor and give him the time and attention he needs to help him feel safe and secure. Adam is working on getting Cooper to sleep with him and I don’t think it will take too long before that happens. Cooper will thrive with this family.

Lilydale family -Trent, Lorna, Cooper, Daisy (the fuzzy non-dale), Fergus (yes that's his name), Gary, Jenny and Adam in the back.

Lilydale family -Trent, Lorna, Cooper, Daisy (the fuzzy non-dale), Fergus (yes that's his name), Gary, Jenny and Adam in the back.


We couldn’t have found better families!!! Sue Forrester’s Airedale Rescue contacts have truely been a wonderful help for us. After we left Cooper on Thursday morning we went back to Dixons Creek, Wombat Bend to see Sue, Bill and the four ‘dales. It was so good to see them again. So much has changed in the four weeks since we were last there. The silt from the billabong was spread over the property, the billabong was filled, the grass is still growing. It was colder than last visit because winter is coming.

Wombat Bend billabong now

Wombat Bend billabong now


 We enjoyed our visit with Bill and Sue. We couldn’t have done this without their support and help. On our last visit we didn’t get a picture of the entire gang so here they are.

The Wombat Bend Family

The Wombat Bend Family


We only spent one night and then it was back to Lilydale to see Cooper for about an hour, then to Melbourne for the day. We had dinner at the Blue Fire – a Brazilian BBQ – for our 16th wedding anniversary – we almost forgot with all the activities. Then we drove back to Woodend and spend two more nights at Helen and Eric’s. We were able to visit with Bean Sidhe. She is coping really well with her new surroundings. Helen gives us frequent reports on her – BS sleeps thru the night and gets plenty of exercise during the day.

Today, Sunday May 3, 2009 is our last full day in Australia – for awhile. We said our final farewell to Bean Sidhe and the Woodend family, drove to Lilydale to say bye to Coop – and his foster family. Sue met us there so we were able to say good-bye to her. I had a nice good-bye call from Carole Polson.

The next stop will be the San Francisco Bay area to see Fergus’ parents, and my brother Danny and his family for a few days. We fly back to Wichita, Kansas on May 7. I will continue the blog with our trials and tribulations as we go through the process of making a permanent move to Australia. In upcoming blog entries I will keep you posted about Fergus’ dealings with the Australian Medical Council, selling the Benton house and trying to get ourselves back to the “kids”.

Thanks to all of you who have traveled with us on this amazing Aussie Adventure. I loved getting your emails, reading your comments posted to the blog, and having connected with friends and family during our time Downunder.

Love, Anne Marie


3 Responses to “Fostering the Fur-dales”

  1. Cooper said

    Hi Mom amd Dad this is Cooper!! I wanted to let you know that I had an important job this morning with Fergus and we had to take Trent and Adam to school. Boy I wasnt going to miss a car ride … didnt matter that it is freezing cold and foggy that made it more fun.

    Missing you both very much and love you but dont worry about me as I had weetbix for breakfast and a few little treats that we have when we get up. Aunty Jenny took me up to their room and I had a lay in with Uncle Gary in bed and it was great.

    I hope you can read this soon

    love licks nosepokes from your boy Coop xxxxx

  2. Justina said

    Wow, you are flying back to Wichita tomorrow! Welcome!

    If you get a chance, check the newspaper – Cori has a story about the Santa Barbara fires running tomorrow. It’s crazy, so many fires lately!

    And happy anniversary too!

  3. Liza Bower said

    You have done it once more. Amazing post.

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