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Happy Easter

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on April 13, 2009

The Aussie really know how to celebrate. They take Good Friday off, the celebrate Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and then they get Easter Monday off. We had dinner at Carole and Greg’s on Easter Saturday. It was great. We finally met their two charming and handsome sons, James and Hugh, they were visiting from Sydney. We also met several of their friends and partners.

Since coming back from Melbourne I taught my last drama class before the fall break. I said good by to the kids because I probably wouldn’t be back when they return to school after their break. I hosted the book group this month. Carole was kind enough to let me use her house, her china and stemware, her coffee and tea servers – since our little rental house did not come equipped with the space or trimmings to host a party. It was sad to tell the ladies that this would be my last meeting with them. They promised to keep me posted on what they are reading. I hope I can get some of the books back in the US.

The weather is changing too. It rained really hard Saturday night and we had to turn the heater on a couple times in the past week. I’m taking my time packing boxes. we brought way too much stuff with us. We’ve even accumulated a few things since we got here – mostly books. I have taken two boxes of books to the second hand bookstores but they are pretty picky about what they will buy. I guess I’ll have to give them to whatever their equivalent to the Goodwill is.

As difficult as it was to feel like Christmas in the summer, it is hard to feel like Easter in the fall. Easter is always yellow flowers and pinks and greens. But the weather is cold windy days and the colors are Autumn leaves . Too strange even after being here a year.


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