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Where Am I?

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on March 22, 2009

Sorry I haven’t written for so long. After Leslie and Manu went home I have been a little distracted. We had so much fun with them that I was a little in the dumps from missing them. After we came back to Canberra, they spent about a week visiting some great places down the coast. They came to Canberra for a couple of days. We went to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve so that Leslie could finally see a wild kangaroo. We also saw emus and finally a platypus. I took a zillion pictures but it’s difficult to tell what they are because they only skim the surface and then dive down. Fortunately Leslie’s pictures came out a bit better than mine. We stayed by the pond and watched them for what seemed like hours.



The next day the four of us drove to the Blue Mountains and stayed at Bryan and Denise’s B&B in Leura. The funny part was that it was so foggy we couldn’t see anything. Fortunately we hung around at the shopping area and just before sunset the fog lifted. Fergus had to work the following day so Les, Mau and I stayed another day in Leura. They did the Wentworth Falls hike that Fergus and I did when we first visited months ago. I stayed back at the B&B and went for a walk with Bryan and his four Airedales.

The next day Leslie, Manu and I took the train into Sydney and spent the day doing more sightseeing. I took the train back to Canberra that evening. It was so sad leaving Leslie and Manu. They just bought a house in Brussels and it will be years before they will be able to get away again to visit us. Our next trip will have to be to Belgium. I can’t wait.

So we are back to our routine. I am still filling in tutoring for the Youth Theatre. Fergus is going to work. We are acutely aware that will be time for us to decide when to come back to the USA. I will update you all with the latest news about going back home in a future blog entry.


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