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Happy New Year

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on January 5, 2009

I’ve been a little remiss in the past couple of weeks in keeping up my blog. No excuses since even though it was Christmas, we were pretty low key this year. We went over to Mike and Carolyn Hall’s house Christmas Eve for a couple of drinks and snacks. Fergus works with both of them. They are the couple who let us stay in their townhouse when we went skiing. They have three very cute girls and it was fun just being with some kids for the holidays.

Carolyn, Emma, Chelsea and Mike on Christmas Eve.

Carolyn, Emma, Chelsea and Mike on Christmas Eve.


A few evenings earlier we went to dinner with the Polson’s for a holiday get-together at a Bali Restaurant. Carole just got back from England a few days earlier where she did some training for her new job. we haven’t seen them much because of all the trips we’ve all been taking. we hope to get together soon.

Greg, Fergus, me and Carole.

Greg, Fergus, me and Carole.

We always have a good time with them. They have lived in so many countries and have had such exciting and interesting experiences. Carole introduced me to the book club and we found that we all (the guys included) have some great authors to share with each other.

One of the other thing I did was take the Turkish girls to see a couple of movies. I took Esra, Ebru and Ecem to see “High School Musical III” we had a great time. On another day I took the three girls and their little friend Jasmine to see “Madagascar II”. The girls are going to Queensland for a couple of weeks starting this week so I won’t see them until they get back. They are fun. I am learning a little about Turkey from them and I think it might be a great place to visit. They and their parents have been here for about  3 years (I think) and are trying to get Australian citizenship. Their parents are really hard working individuals and I hope it works out for them.

A day out with the girls.

A day out with the girls.

Fergus and I went to a movie on Christmas Day. We stayed in on New Year’s Eve (fireworks at 9 and again at midnight) to keep the kids calm during all the celebrations. We have started our New Year’s Resolutions (going to the gym more often, and not eating out too many nights). I wish you all a Happy New Year and promise to keep you updated on our upcoming adventures.


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