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More NZ Adrenaline Adventures

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on December 17, 2008

Whale watching and swimming with the dolphins were not enough excitment for Fergus so when we got back to the North Island we added a few more adrenaline adventures for fun. Since the moment we started talking about going to New Zealand, Fergus started talking about Bungy Jumping. So when we got to Taupo we checked out the jump area. NOOOOO WAAAAYYY was he going to talk me into this one. I don’t like rollercoaster or stomach whirly-likes rides so jumping off a platform and whirling upside down  with a bungy cord attached to my feet just wasn’t going to happen.

I was happy to film it from the sidelines and crossed my fingers that he wouldn’t be the first person to die at this Bungy Jump site. But before he took the dive we went to Huka Falls for an easy going boat ride – in a jet boat. What a blast. I thought we would be riding the rapids but we only got close to the falls.  If you’d like to a video from the jet boat company click here



After a blast of cool down spray from the jet boat ride we headed back to the Bungy site. I will refer you to Fergus’ blog for his personal experience ( docdownunder ). From my side I have to admit it seemed like a pretty silly thing to do and I was a little scared for him. Fortunately it is was a quick experience and after almost two weeks of anticipation it was over in seconds – we were able to  enjoy our last days in New Zealand without having to talk about and think about -“do it or not?”



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