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Maori Hangi at Wairakei Terraces

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on December 17, 2008

One of our final experiences in New Zealand was to go to a traditional Maori Cultural Center and Hangi Feast. The area was given back to the Maori tribe of the area and they recreated the geo-thermal terraces and build traditional Maori huts and demonstrated Maori arts, crafts, and music. We learned quite a bit about the Maori Culture when we spent time in both the Christchurch Museum and The Te Papa (National Museum of New Zealand) in Wellington.


It was good to hear Maori history from the descendants of New Zealand’s indigenous people. This performance group where all related: brothers, sisters and cousins, a group of young people sharing the language, dance and music of their ancestors. To learn more click here. Dinner was fun and Fergus was pulled from the crowd to dance – I guess all that bungy jumping brought out the Maori warrior in him.


Boogie Woogie Bungy Boy!!

Boogie Woogie Bungy Boy!!

The week before we had dinner at a castle on top of the hill in Wellington at a place called Sign of the Takahe. As many of you know I have this thing about King Arthur and anything about medieval times. I had Fergus take a ton of pictures of this restaurant just in case I ever build my own castle (miniature).
The Great Hall

The Great Hall

There was no performance and we had a early dinner because the place was reserved for a really large party that night – how cool would that be? Great place for a Renaissance Faire or Medieval Theme wedding. These are some examples of how diverse the cultural experiences we had in New Zealand were I can’t wait for our next visit.
My knight in a button-down shirt!!

My knight in a button-down shirt!!

The views from the windows were beautiful. The windows were also beautiful. This is a must visit even if only for a drink in the pub, a cup of coffee in the afternoon or an elegant dinner.
My knight in shining armor - a little late.

My knight in shining armor - a little late.


One Response to “Maori Hangi at Wairakei Terraces”

  1. Moe Tamani said

    Well don’t have more knowledge abt the Maori but i enjoyed the pics you gave here and it seems that you made lot of fun there and i am happy for that……

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