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But what about the dogs??

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on December 12, 2008

While we were gone for two weeks we had to put the  kids in the kennel. At home in Kansas we have a dog sitter who comes out to the house once a day. This is okay because they have a doggy door and don’t leave our property. But we don’t have that option here. There are two kennels we like but one is a little far away and this kennel is near the airport. Since the kids were going to be there for such a long stay they put them in a double kennel. They had their own “rooms” and a large area with a tree for shade and for Cooper’s “convenience”.  It’s a relief to know that they are safe and being cared for. They even emailed us some pictures while we were gone.


One Response to “But what about the dogs??”

  1. Unknown said

    Aw! I have a beagle and we borded him for two weeks while we moved. When we got him back, his bark was the same as the other dogs. Sad!

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