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Whale Watching – actually watching for whales – Yawn.

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on December 8, 2008

In Christchurch on the South Island, we spent a few days exploring the city (more on that in a later blog). After a few days of not driving we were ready to hit the rode for a day trip to Kaikoua. This coastal town is about 2 and 1/2 hours drive from Christchurch. It’s a harrowing last hour when you are low on gas. The mountain road doesn’t have many towns and NO GAS STATIONS so be sure to fill up before you leave Christchurch. We pulled into Kaikoua on fumes.

It was a cool and misty morning but it didn’t matter too much since we where riding on a boat that would be splashing water. Whale Watching Kaikoura is a well organized company. They even guarantee your money back if you don’t see any whales.

Whale Watch Center

Whale Watch Center

So you spend alot of time “watching for whales” not really watching them.whale31

Where are the whales??

Where are the whales??








We finally found one whale who came to the surface for air and a bit of a rest. It swam around on the surface for just a few minutes and then was gone. It didn’t jump out of the water but just submerged with a flick of its tail. We saw one other whale who was asleep on the surface. Every once in a while water would spurt from it’s blowhole. We watched this whale for a long time and then with little effort it too disappeared below the sea.









I must admit however it was a little boring. Its not like you see on TV because they looked like large grey logs floating on the water and when they swam away they just headed for the bottom. I got a video of them but you can’t see much. This trip was a must for us since New Zealand is famous for its whale watching. Sometimes it is just the luck of the draw if you see any whales at all.


This was still a cool outing. I would recommend it. The drive back to Christchurch was much more relaxed. We didn’t save enough time to stop at some of the nice wineries along the way. That really should have been included in our plans since we find New Zealand wines to be very tasty.


One Response to “Whale Watching – actually watching for whales – Yawn.”

  1. fevah said

    Hi Anne, I come from a tiny Island in the south pacific called ‘Eua iy’s part of the Tonga group of Island. We have 23 different species of whale here. You don’t have to go out on a boat to see them cause they come right up to you as you sit on the reef. Come check out the photo I took the other day of the whale tail.
    Love your blog btw.

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