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B and B’s in New Zealand

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on December 2, 2008

Since it wasn’t peak season yet we took a chance and didn’t reserve any accommodations (except for in Wellington  for Fergus’ conference). We picked up the rental car as soon as we arrived that first day and headed north on the North Island. After driving for a couple of hours we stopped in this cute town called Martinborough in one of New Zealand’s many wine districts. Unfortunately they were having their big wine festival that weekend and all the accommodations had been booked up for months. So we drove to the nearest big city, Masterton. The hotel we stayed in was nice but nothing too fancy except they had a bathtub and since the house we are renting doesn’t have one, I ran down to the nearest shop and bought some bubble bath – ahhh what a joy. 

(Make sure you click on the pictures to make then larger and on the lightlighted words to link to the sites – there are some great pictures and lots of extra information.)

New Zealand landscape

New Zealand landscape

The big roads in New Zealand are mostly two lane highways (although in the big cities they are sometimes wider) with occasional passing lanes, so travel by car is slow (I should say slower because Fergus drove at maximum speed whenever possible). And the roads are often curvy because the country is hilly and at times mountainous. Our second day traveling was a long day on the road until be got to New Plymouth on the western coast. We got there in the afternoon and went to the local “I Site“. These are really wonderful information centers found in many of the tourist towns (which is all of NZ). Not only can you find brochures for all possible activities they can find you the right accommodation for you interests and location. (Be sure to get there before 5pm because they close early.)

Since New Plymouth is a beach town we said we wanted a B&B within walking distance to the beach. They found and booked us into “93 by the Sea” – a great choice. We spent the afternoon walking along the coastal walkway, enjoying the ocean view and the relaxing for the really first time. Pat, the owner was delightful and the gardens were beautiful. I meant to get a picture but when we left the next morning it was pouring rain.

The other B&B’s we stayed in were also very cute and we found them mostly through the “I Site” centers. In Waitomo where we saw the glowworms (a blog on that adventure to follow) we stayed at the Waitomo Caves Guest Lodge. I did get pictures of their gardens.

The B & B roses and dog.

The B & B roses and dog.














New Zealand is so much greener and rainier than Australia and since it is spring right now they have the most beautiful rose and rock gardens. It makes it seem so much like England only sunnier (at least in my recollections of England). They were pretty busy but we got a cute little two story cottage (we had the ground floor) with nice views of the countryside.

After all the driving we decided to drive back to Wellington and fly to Christchurch on the south island. This was a wise move because we never would have gotten as much in as we did. In Christchurch we stayed at another B&B right downtown. The Devon is this really cool old building and we stayed there for four days while we explored the surrounding areas. This is where we went whale watching, swimming with the dolphins and dinner in a grand old building which looks like a castle (these adventures to come in following blogs). Part of the reason I wasn’t able to write my blog as we went along was because I rarely go access to the computer – at least at home I can use it when Fergus is at work – the rest of the time…well see for yourself.

Is this considered an adrenalin sport?

Is this considered an adrenalin sport?

After a few days we flew back to Wellington and spent three days for Fergus’ conference. We stayed mostly at The Museum Hotel. This building has an interesting history. Check out the site to read and see how they moved the building across the street. After the conference we a had a few days left to see some more of the north island. We got as far as Taupo – a lake resort area in central North Island. We found another great B and B, Above the Lake. We didn’t going fishing but we did go jet boating, bungy jumping and experienced an authentic Maori hangi (feast). These adventures also to follow in upcoming blog entries.

Our final night in New Zealand was an ordinary airport hotel that was functional since we had an early morning flight back to Canberra the next morning. All in all it was the best vacation we’ve ever had. We spent our final evening meal discussing were we should go on our next trip. Of course we couldn’t agree – we might just have to come back to New Zealand – wouldn’t that be nice!!


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  1. Zack haddaway said

    wow… that photo of with all the flowers is amazing looking!

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