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The Messenger

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on November 11, 2008

The play I have been helping with will open in two weeks. We will be in New Zealand for opening weekend. When we get back we are going to a Gala Fundraising performance of the play. The author of the book, Markus Zusakwill be there. I will be very interested to find out what he thinks of the adaptation of his book and the staging of the play. It has been a wonderful experience to just be a small part of the production (as Assistant manager all I have really been doing is being on book and giving line correction notes, but I’ve been to most of the rehearsals and have seen the play come to life.

The ensemble from The Canberra Youth Theatre are 18 to 25 year oldswho have talent and passion for theatre and it really shows. Many of them are at University or doing a gap year. Most of the Universities don’t have a drama degree although they have drama departments. Some will be auditioning to go to NIDA Australia’s premier dramatic arts school. If you want ot studying acting, theatre arts or film you have to apply and often transfer (rarely does one get in straight out of high school).

The playscript, The Messenger, will be published and our cast and crew will have their names in it as the original production. That’s will be exciting to see my name in print along with the rest of them. I’ll let you know how it all turns out once we return from New Zealand.


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