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Nov. 4 – Election/Melbourne Cup Day!

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on November 7, 2008

November 4 was a day to celebrate. No we didn’t get the results of the election until  Wednesday, Nov. 5th but Australia celebrates the Melbourne Cup horse race. It began as a race day but so many people would take the day off or businesses would have lunch parties and stop work at 3 pm to watch the race…so they made it a Federal Holiday called Family Day and everyone gets the day off.

It was like the 4th or July or Memorial Day, lots of hype about party platters and stocking up on your favorite beverage. We were invited by the Polson’s for a picnic with some friends of theirs. So their party of four grew to six. As it turned out everyone else invited at least two more and the party grew. There was so much food we couldn’t get it all on the one picnic table.

The picnic site was next to a river in an area called Uriarra, about 20 minutes or so outside of Canberra. The weather was perfect and sitting under the shade of the trees was comfortable – except of the flies. They were  very persistent but one person came prepared with repellent. Fergus was there but he took all the pictures so you can’t see him. It was a wonderful day getting to meet some really interesting people.



As for Election Day – what a great result. People in Australia are so interested in American politics and know so much more than the average American. I overheard a lady in the local market say to the checkout clerk – “Wasn’t the Election returns exciting? I stayed by the television watching all day. I’m so happy that Obama won.” I felt so proud.


One Response to “Nov. 4 – Election/Melbourne Cup Day!”

  1. Justina said

    Thanks for the news! It’s great to get the point of view of other countries, since the things that we do here affect people all over the world. I knew people would be pleased that we elected Obama, so it’s good to hear a positive reaction from afar. Hopefully we’ll start repairing our international image!

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