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Spring at last!!

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on September 24, 2008

                         If you click on the pictures you can get a better look.

It seems that spring has arrived over night. The days are beautifully warm, and mild breezes send the scent of flowers over the entire city. The tree out our living room window is a mass of white blossoms where only thin branches existed before. And the colors, bright yellow wattle bushes, pink vines, red camellias and green everywhere. It’s as if the whole of Canberra is participating in the annual flower show.

In Canberra there is a month long festival in the Commonwealth Park along Lake Burley Griffin called Floriade. They pick a different theme each year and then create flower beds which depict the theme. This year is “Films That Shaped Our Nation”. It’s a little like the Rose Parade but not on floats. I took some pictures last weekend but it is still a little early to get the full impact that all these flowers make.

They also have exhibits similar to a state fair expos sans the mid-way carnival. Vendor booths, food stands, demonstrations and entertainment venues are located along the pathways and flowers are abundant throughout. This is great time to visit Canberra. For more on Floriade.

I’ve included some of my attempts at capturing the beauty of early spring in the Aussie capital city.


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