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Theatre in Canberra

Posted by Anne Marie Serrano on July 21, 2008

Since we arrived in Canberra I have been exploring the theatre scene. We saw “The Old Time Music Hall” at the Canberra Theatre – the professional venue in town. We have tickets for “My Fair Lady” for August. That production is by a national group from Sydney and they have also performed it in Melbourne. Learn more about Canberra Theatre Centre.

ANU (Australian National University) is really close to us and they have a Drama Department. I took my resume by there a few weeks ago and talked with the department chair. Unfortunately they are a small department – himself and two other professors. He said he would love to be able to hire someone part-time but has no funding – what a surprise I guess that’s a worldwide issue. Now if he was chair of the business school that would be another story. Learn more about ANU Theatre.

He suggested I visit with Helen at the Canberra Repertory Theatre. Their venue is a theatre called Theatre 3. It’s a cosy blackbox theatre and the production teams are a combination of professional and volunteer artists. I accidentally introduced myself to a woman who I thought was Helen telling her I would like to drop off my resume, she corrected me saying she wasn’t Helen but Pip, the director of the Canberra Youth Theatre. It just so happened that she was going to put an ad in the paper next week for a drama teacher. She gave me her address and asked me to drop off a copy of my resume.

I finally found Helen and she explained that most of the “professionals” i.e., the people who get paid are the actors and directors of the plays and for those of you who do theatre know, it’s a long line for those positions especially when no one knows you or your work. I’m not opposed to volunteering – I miss doing theatre.

I went to see a production at Theatre 3 – a play called “Someone to Watch Over Me” – a drama about three men, an American doctor, an Irish journalist and a English professor who are being held in a Middle Eastern detention prison and don’t know why. Very sad, brilliantly acted and eerily staged – the men have one ankle chained to the floor and have a filthy pillow and thin mattress each, and are lighted from above by a single shaded industrial lightbulb.

Britt and her neighbor Esha – a high school girl who goes to the performing arts school and I went to see “The Emperor’s New Clothes” at Theatre 2 (Yes there is a Theatre 1, all of these theatres use to be part of the university but when they got their new theatre the city took them over and are now run by separate theatre companies as part of the city art council – or something like that). Theatres 1 & 2 are part of an organization called The Street Theatre. To learn more about these theatres click on the highlighted names.

I still haven’t seen anything at the university or Theatre 1 but I will get to them eventually. There are also MANY community theatres that I haven’t even begun to explore. In the meantime I got a call from Pip and I went to interview for a paid position at the Canberra Youth Theatre – stay turned for the next installment for the results.


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